Not much left *updated*

Had my appointment this morning. I was hoping that I would get some good karma by being nice to everyone I came into contact with going there and helping a woman in the elevator. The blood draw was nice. It didn’t hurt much which was great. I thought maybe this was my day. Got into the stirrups, wished very hard that the scan would show good things and then had the scan.

I don’t have that much hope left for this cycle. I do have three follicles (I think), but the biggest one is at 8mm. Tiny tiny. She couldn’t see my left ovary at all though, so who knows. I’m doubtful though. My lining is thin too. It is day 17. It is getting late in my cycle. If things don’t happen soon they are not going to happen and they will probably cancel it. I know that last time I went as late as day 20. She said that they are going to check my hormone levels to see if they are still going up and then give me a few days off to see what happens. I read somewhere that follicles can grow around 2mm a day. If it does and they take me to friday (day 21) my 8mm has a potential of being 18mm. I guess that isn’t bad, but I don’t have much hope that it will make it to that. I have thoughts of this cycle being cancelled, having to wait two weeks to get my period, and then having to wait around three more weeks before I get to see if I can even try again. So annoying. i am sick of doing this cycle after cycle. It is so draining. I’ll update this post after I get my blood results.

Just got my call back. I was right in that I have my next monitoring appointment on friday. I asked if my levels were still going up and they said yes, but slowly. She said something was 66. I’m not sure what. Is that good or bad? So more waiting and I guess we will find out if my baby follie will make it.



  1. Jen

    Ugh, that has to be frustrating. Hopefully you can still get some growth out of them!

  2. Al

    I’m so sorry, that is so frustrating. I have a suspicion that I’ll be in the same boat as you when they start doing monitoring next month on me.

    Fingers crossed that the blood work shows your levels are still rising and there’s still hope for this month!

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ve been in that exact boat, as you know, and it’s so disappointing. Have you talking to your dr at all about an Estrogen Priming Protocol? Though it wasn’t 100% a magic solution for me, it does help alot of poor responders.

    Sending tons of GFG vibes to that one follie. I went into IVF#1 with only a single follie and the egg fertilized and made it to day 3 as the highest grade embie my clinic has. One eggie can do it, we just need to cheer her on to the finish line. Cmon kiddo!

    • I’ve never heard of an estrogen priming protocol. I looked it up and it seems like it has something to do with estrogen patches, but most women talking about it seem to be doing ivf. My nurse today said that I may just need a higher dose. I dunno. Thanks for the cheers for my baby follie.

  4. Pie

    Ugh, I’m sorry things are dragging. But it is not over til the last follie sings, so hang in there. You never know!

  5. Jessica

    That must be so frustrating. I hope that follie gets big enough to give you a chance this month!!

  6. Grow follies, grow! I had that same exact situation this cycle, and it ended up we did get to do an IUI… Keep the faith! 🙂

    • I just read through your entries again some. You were still able to try through day 24, that is awesome. Well not awesome that it took so long, but you know what i mean. Nice to read someone in the same boat who got to try after all that. I sure hope my little follie will have grown around that time.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that your body is taking its own sweet time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Friday brings good news and that your follicles put in a growth spurt!

  8. That sounds so frustrating. Hopefully, you’ll have some good news on Friday. Maybe a higher dose of Clomid would help next time if this one doesn’t work out (which it WILL!!), but I’m no expert ??? I see that the nurse seems to think it’s a good idea. However, with your lining being so thin on the current dose, I don’t know if your doc would even prescribe it (I’m not helping, am I?)

    P.S. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to follow wordpress blogs, so I’m adding you to my blogroll as a personal reminder for me to check your blog daily.

    • Okay, for some ungodly reason, I can’t even add you to my blogroll. WTF! I think it’s a conspiracy. I have no choice but to just remember to check your blog on my own until I can figure this thing out. *shrug*

  9. I would guess 66 is your estradiol level. Maybe they want it up to at least 100? I just know that for IVF they say it’s about “100 estradiol points” per mature egg. So maybe it’s a similar situation?

    I really, really hope you get a chance to try. I can’t imagine your frustration. =(

    • hmm, thanks for that information. I think you may be right. I hope my numbers keep going up.

  10. Grow little ones! Grow!!!

    I hope things work out at your next scan! I can imagine how frustrating this would be!

    Good luck!

  11. Glad things are progressing – I know the waiting stinks. I’m wondering, if you don’t mind saying, do you know whay they couldn’t see your other ovary? GOOD LUCK!

    • They couldn’t see it because my bowels were in the way.

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