Brewing hope

Today is saturday, two days until my next monitoring visit. I have been feeling some cramping today down there, which I’m hoping is a good thing. I feel it most on my left side. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much since they didn’t see anything last time, but I’m hoping that they will see something on my scan. My husband made a cute comment when I mentioned to him that my body was like a tortoise. He said remember in the end the tortoise won. So true 🙂

Today I called my grandmother to talk to her and ended up talking to my aunt. That started a little drama, which I’m annoyed about. I let her know that seeing all the pictures of my cousin’s new baby bothers me a little, especially since she sends them directly into my email. That was really dumb of me, but it just came out. I told her not to say anything because I don’t want to start drama, but I don’t know if she really will be quiet about it. I feel bad now. Though if she does find out I can just tell her that we are having trouble and that is why it bothers me, which is the truth. Gah. An yes, this aunt does know we are having a little bit of trouble because she got it out of me one day, but I try to limit her knowledge to that because I don’t know what she will say to others.

Ok, I don’t want to end this entry on a bad note. This afternoon I made cupcakes. I have been craving cupcakes for a long time. They don’t sell single cupcakes at the grocery store so I decided to make my own. I found a great Hun.gry Gi.rl recipe for a healthier version of cupcakes that turned out yummy. I made a lot so that I can share them with my husband’s family tomorrow. Here is a picture of how they came out.




  1. Oooh, I hope that cramping is a good sign!! Anything different seems good to me.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with family — you would think they’d be able to read between the lines with even the smallest mention of “having trouble”. It’s so frustrating to have to continue being your own advocate by mentioning that, yes, seeing endless baby photos without warning may be somewhat painful. Just like sending photos of awesome fried foods might not be such a great idea to someone with heart disease. Blah, we can hope that, if nothing else, IF has maybe made us more sensitive to other people’s issues.

    And mmmm….. those are some good looking cupcakes!

    Your fellow tortoise.

    Turtles rule!

    • Haha, you rock. I’m going to have to see if I can make some sort of turtle button or something.

  2. Al

    It sounds like the cramping could be a good sign since it’s different than other cycles and just one the one side. I hope there’s a few big follie’s brewin down there!

    UGH, don’t feel bad that you mentioned that the baby photos tug at your heart strings a lil bit. If she knows you guys are having problems it should be a no-brainer that seeing them is goign to be difficult for you. I hope starts being a little more sensitive.

    Enjoy the cupcakes, they look yummy 🙂

  3. Lin

    Mmmmm…Cupcakes! YUM! Will have to look up that recipe! Hoping things are brewing down there! FX!

  4. babybaker

    cramping = good news! haha, funny at certain points in your cycle cramping is good and at other points its bad.

    i LOVE what your DH said about the toroise always wins. he’s totally right! hoping yo leave your check in with good news!

    i hear ya about insensitive family. grr. my grandma called me today and i screened her call because i’m still mad about the stupid comments she made the last time we spoke.

    you made cupcakes yesterday too! so cute!

  5. oh man, i wish my kitchen wasn’t such a mess – I wanna whip up some cupcakes now…I may actually clean up for that 🙂 I love how your DH made that connection – that’s something mine would do, always so much calmer than me.

    Sorry you have to worry about family issues, that stinks. I’m going for monitoring 2morrow too- hopefully we’ll both have great news to report!

  6. I always get cramping once I have follices … maybe it’s a good sign? I will keep my fingers crossed for your next scan to show some lovely follies!

    Your cupcakes look delicious … now I have a craving for cupcakes, too. Thanks a lot! =)

  7. Hope the cramping means good things for your follies!
    And those cupcakes look delicious!

  8. Yay for cupcakes! Good luck at your appointment today.

  9. A

    The cupcakes look scrumptious!! I will be praying for a great monitoring appt!

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