I’m a tortoise

I must be a tortoise. My body is always so slow. I went in today and got my blood drawn and it hurt. It hurt to bend my arm for a little bit afterward. Not fun. I was looking forward to my scan, but then again I wasn’t. I was excited to see what was up, but I had been having stomach issues all morning. Not fun. Luckily, nothing bad happened while she was doing the scan. She didn’t really find anything though. She said I had a couple of small ones (didn’t tell me the size per usual) and that it was too early in my cycle to tell anything. Gah. I was annoyed. I was hoping that the bc/metformin/clomid combo would make things hurry up. I guess my body is just a tortoise.

After I left I was feeling down and sad. I was thinking what if my last cycle where I did get to try was a fluke? What if it doesn’t happen again and then I have to move onto injectables? Not a happy me. My stomach was still giving me issues so I decided to take an immodium before I went to volunteering. I couldn’t get the packaging open so I ended breaking the pill in half when trying to get it out. I know I’ve read somewhere that your not suposed to do that, but oh well it happened. I tried taking it in the main lobby and had a really hard time getitng it down. Blech.

The first part of volunteering I felt yucky, but after a bit I started to feel better again and I did well with my volunteering work. I’m going to add another day during the week so I don’t get so bored the second half of the week. I also started tihnking about my last cycle when it did work. I know it took a really long time. I looked back at what I wrote in that cycle (I was so glad to be able to do that, yea for blogging) and found that I had a similar situation last time. The first two monitoring visits there wasn’t much of anything, very small follicles, me feeling sad and wondering if they would cancel my cycle and tell me I was clomid resistant. But in the end as we know I did get to try. So maybe it will just take forever again. Maybe. I hope. I hate having to be strung along through appointment to appointment wondering what is up. Guess I have to suck it up. My next appointment is this coming Monday morning. So I guess we will see what is up then.



  1. EC

    Sorry your appointment wasn’t what you were hoping for! Try not to worry…I left you a comment in response to your post yesterday saying that I think it can take longer than 5 days to ovulate after stopping clomid, and the range I had heard was more like 5-10 days after the last pill. I ovulated 9 days after the last day, but we all progress at different rates. Even this month might not be the same as the month before – which always seems strange to me, but true.

    I hope you get better news on Monday!

    • Thanks for your note. You are right about that range for clomid. I guess I was just rounding to the lowest number so that I had hope of being a fast ovulater this month. No such luck I guess.

  2. I’m a tortoise too. We could be a turtle soup!

    Seriously, I know how frustrating the slow (or lack in my case) of progress can be, it’s so hard to psych yourself up for each appt and then be let down. I’m crossing my fingers that slow & steady will win the race for you!

    • You said it perfectly. I really do psych myself up for each appointment and then boom. I gotta stop doing that.

  3. I know how frustrating that can be when your body doesn’t cooperate the way you want it to. Crossing my fingers and toes for you that Monday’s appointment will go how you want it too!

  4. Ugh, I know how frustrating it is when your body doesn’t do what you want it to. I think you’re right though, your body is just a bit sluggish on the follicle growing. If your RE saw a couple there they probably just need more time to grow. It’s annoying but I bet you will still get your chance to try!!

  5. Jen

    I was also a tortoise. On my last Clomid cycle, they had me start taking it again after I had already completed the normal 5 days, b/c the first “round” didn’t do enough! Hopeofully your follies will respond better than that!

    • Did you get more follicles that way?

  6. I’m sorry that things aren’t going as you’d like them to. 😦 Try not to worry though! I hope you get better news on Monday.

  7. I have a tortoise body as well, after I stopped clomid, it took me 17 days to work up a dominant follicle. We will keep sending you good vibes and good wishes, GROW Follies, Grow!!! 🙂

    Learning patience stinks! 🙂

    Best wishes!

  8. Al

    Sorry you were disappointed in your follies today. I hope they start growin soon!!

  9. Hey, don’t worry too much about it. I, too, didn’t develop quickly on Clomid. I wasn’t monitored, but it always took 8 days after my last pill before I got a positive OPK. Plus, if it was like this last time, that just might be the way your body responds. Hang in there till Monday!!!

  10. OMG- fellow tortoise here! Clomid never worked for me- I had a 60 day cycle on it once. Now I’m on Femara and Metformin (both oral meds) and have had 28 day cycles. So I hope this cycle works, but if not you may want to look into Femara before going on to injectables.

    • I have never heard of femara. I will have to google it. Thanks!

  11. babybaker

    i hope your appointment on monday goes better. if it helps, my clomid cycles were all over the board. sometimes i had follies ready very early and sometimes it took more than 2 weeks! i’m sure there will be some ripe ones on monday!

    • But you always had them eventually? I hope your right about Monday. Thanks for your note.

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