Monitoring tomorrow

I have my first monitoring visit tomorrow as you guys know. I keep thinking about it, how close it is, and what they will find. I have so much hope for this cycle. My goal is to have two good sized follicles that show that I may ovulate earlier than the last time. That would be awesome. I’m nervous that nothing will change, but even then I still do have a chance if I only get one good follicle and it takes a while. Is it weird that if I do end up ovulating late I am looking forward to seeing Twilight in the theater before we get down to bding? 😉

My hormones are finally starting to come back, which is good. Husband and I had a little fun this weekend. When he realized I was interested he was like Hello LowFat’s hormones, welcome back! Hah. I guess that shows my hormones are really out of whack. I can’t help but wish that that bd could make us pregnant. I know there is no way though because it was way too early in the cycle.

I know that I will still have some time before I really get to try after this appointment, but I can’t help but wanting things to just happen already. I have no patience, my husband has been telling me that for years 😉 I did learn something new though – if my body works I will ovulate approximately five days after stopping the clomid, which would be friday. I doubt that would happen though, I will most likely be relying on the ovidrel.

I have my appointment tomorrow at 8am. I made it so early because I have volunteering right afterward. So I probably won’t get to update until tuesday afternoon. *fingers and toes crossed*



  1. Jessica

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow! I will have everything crossed for you! I can’t wait to hear the good news!

  3. I’m crossing everything for you!!! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. 20 more fingers & toes crossed here!

  5. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!!!

  6. Al

    Good luck tomorrow!! I hope you have two nice follies!

    And glad your hormones are back. It’s so hard when they’re out of whack.

  7. A

    I pray that everything looks good!! 🙂

  8. Pie

    Fingers and toes crossed for you here too. Good luck today!!

  9. Sending you good follicle mojo.

  10. Fingers and toes crossed over here for you too! Hoping that you’ll see your two follicles, exactly as you imagine.

  11. EC

    Good luck! I hope you see exactly what you’re hoping for!

    It’s also not uncommon to ovulate more than 5 days after stopping Clomid, so don’t get worried if you don’t ovulate at the 5-day mark. I ovulated 9 days after I stopped taking it, but I think you were on it a little longer (and at a higher dose) than I was this time. I don’t know if that will make a difference.

  12. I hope things went well this morning!!!

  13. Lin

    Hope it went well today!! (And, no you’re not weird…everything revolves around the New Moon premiere, of course! :-))

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