Day 7 of clomid

Thank goodness tonight is the last night I am on Clomid. These seven days seemed to drag on. I am tired of taking it and I’m getting tired of the side effects. The side effects have not been that bad, but they are there. I have had some headaches and hot flashes. It’s fun laying in the bed taking my comforter and blanket on and off over and over again. Husband thought I was nutty. I’ve also been feeling kinda down lately. I am not sure if that is all the Clomid though. Could just be me. I’m hoping I’ll feel better though in a few days. I haven’t felt a lot of ovary pain since that day I wrote about it, so I’m hoping that things are still going ok. I’m excited for my appointment on tuesday. I want to see if all these changes have made any difference on how many follicles I have and what size they are. My fingers and toes are crossed.

What else.. Today we helped a friend from college move into his new condo. He had a lot of friends there to help so it wasn’t a bad move. However, one of the women was pregnant. I noticed her right away. It’s like I have pregnancy vision and zoom right into her. I kept looking at her stomach. I tried just staying out of the way, but her and her husband/boyfriend? kept saying cutesy things and it started getting to me. Things like “leggo my preggo” or can I have some orange juice and the baby wants some ice?” Urg. After that I tried to be in a different room away from her. Luckily, being pregnant she tired quickly and I didn’t have much interaction after that.



  1. Hey, I tolerated Clomid pretty well but have heard from cyber-friends who have had side effects that they vanish almost instantly once you stop taking it. Fingers crossed that it’s the same for you!

    And oy, forced fertile myrtle interaction, how I loathe thee. Glad you made it through relatively unscathed!

  2. Yea, I’m expecting the clomid crazies to go away soon after stopping them. Hopefully they will.

  3. I am glad you’re finished with Clomid. Hopefully you will feel better soon! And that is seriously annoying — “baby wants some ice”?! Wow, that would bother me, too.

  4. Al

    Ugh, clomid definitely gives me the blues. Glad you’re almost done with it. Baby wants some ice…ugh, puke!!! I would’ve avoided her too!

    • Haha, I ❤ you guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt she was annoying.

  5. It’s truly amazing how quick I can zero in on a pregnant person in a crowd now. And they always seem so happy… How irritating!

  6. Nic

    OMG I would not have coped with the cuteness of that couple! I may have either vomited it was co ‘cute’ or just ran out crying, or maybe ran out vomiting and crying!! Well done for hanging in there! You are a bigger person than me!! Lol!

  7. Baby wants some ice?!?!!? Bruuuuutal. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, and while doing a friend a favour!

  8. I have preggo vision too! I just tend to zoom in on them. Grrrrr. It’s really annoying. I am glad the Clo.mid wasn’t too bad. I start taking mine in about a month.

  9. Oy, baby wants some ice is gross… My sister in law is pregnant right now, but luckily she is so chill about it, not cutesy at all.

  10. The only symptom I had on Clomid were the hot flashes! They were BAD! My husband thought I was crazy with it too =)
    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

  11. EC

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! I hope you get a good report.

  12. I’m glad you made it through 7 days of Clomid. Hopefully the side effects do go away quickly for you. And good luck tomorrow. We’ll be waiting to hear what your ovaries are up to. 🙂

  13. Yep, I’ve been having those hot flashes too — just finished up my 100mg of Clomid a few days ago. I hadn’t really identified them as a symptm until I read your post, though… but in the middle of the night I’ve woken up sweating and hot and uncomfortable every night. Now that I’m off the meds, hopefully they will go away.

    Good luck! I know what you mean about preggovision… I’m always guessing if people are pregnant. And recently, they all are. My cubicle-mate just announced today. Sigh.

    • Sorry about your cube-mate. I hope this cycle brings both of us good news.

  14. Hey – thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m on CD6, so we’re sorta on the same schedule! I have PCOS too, unfortunately clomid never worked for me (truthfully there wasn’t much monitoring going on, so who knows) so now I’m on Femara and have 2 cycles where I had a mature egg…but still BFN. I was on metformin for years so that wasn’t new for me – but i did use ovidrel for the 1st time this month. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and GOOD LUCK this cycle – hopefully we’ll both get BFPs in the same week! Hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna add you to my blogroll, let me know if you’d like me to remove it.

    • Hah, that would be cool if we both got a bfp the same week. Here is for hoping *fingers crossed*

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