Dru.gs arrived

Today my ovidrel and progesterone suppositories arrived in the mail. I immediately transfered them into the fridge. *fingers crossed we get to use both*.

Today will be day 4 of my 7 days of taking Clomid. I’ve been feeling pretty good when taking it, little bit of hot/cold flashes, and headaches, but not too bad. Today I’m feeling an ovary ache on my left ovary only. It feels a little bit like light menstural cramps, but only on one side and a little lower. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I started taking it earlier in my cycle (day 3 instead of day 5). So hopefully it must means things are cooking down there, that I will have some good follicles.



  1. Jen

    Good luck!

  2. Oooh! I’m excited for you! I hope the ache is a good sign and moving the Clomid up a couple of days will be the key! Will be haunting your page to hear any news!

    • Thanks 😉 I hope it is a great sign 😀

  3. Yay for the dru.gs! Glad you are over halfway done with the Clomid. I am excited to hear about your follicle count/sizes. When do you go in for that?

    • Tuesday morning, bright an early 🙂

  4. babybaker

    sounds like things are definitely cooking down there! haha. grow follies, grow!

    do you have excessive thirst on clomid? i did every time.

    oh lovely progesterone! you have so much fun to look forward to!

    • I do get thirsty, but I don’t think it’s an incredible thirst. Only rarely. I know, I’m not looking forward to having to plan a lie down before I start my day or do something with those suppositories lol.

      • babybaker

        do you take the suppositories at night, too? i only do mine at night. much easier i think because i don’t have to worry about it all leaking out.

      • I have to do morning and night. I’m supposed to take them two times a day according to my RE. I don’t mind the night time ones, but the day time one is such a pain.

  5. IF makes us sounds like crack heads…we’re all so happy for dr.ugs! I’m praying your follicles grow and you get your BFP!

    We been very open and honest about our IF journey and our friends and family are very supportive but they do ask us if we are pregnant yet, and I tell them all the time, when we are, we will tell you…so yeah, it kinda gets old. If you’ve gone this long, keep the cat in the bag.


    • Haha, it does make us sound like drug dealers. That is why I added the dot in the title. I didn’t want anyone searching for something bad and finding my blog! LOL

  6. Keeping our fingers crossed for you! GL on Tuesday, we will be back to read how it all comes out!

  7. Good luck this cycle!!!

  8. Lin

    Hoping all the new O symptoms are super promising! FX for this cycle!!

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