My husband made a post on his fa.cebo.ok about how a co-worker picking up their munchkin made him think of muchkin donuts. LOL. After a few posts one of his friends I don’t know asked, “So when are you going to have your own little munchkin?” Then the next post was from his cousin who we see on holidays said “yes, that is a good question, we have been wondering the same thing.” This really got me thinking. Not many people know about my IF journey. In addition not many people have been bugging us as far as having kids. i think that is because we don’t really talk to extended family a lot and those that do ask probably ask my mother or the husband’s mom. I talk to my mother about everything, but besides her that’s it. I was tempted to email her privately and tell her we were working on it, but having issues, but I’m not sure. If I do I’m sure she will be very nice about it. However, every family gathering I go to she might ask how things are going and I may not want to talk about it/think about it. Sometimes it’s nice to just be with family and not have to think about it. It was just a reminder that yes I wish I was pregnant already so I could announce it. That side of the family has a lot of kids around elementary school age and younger and I’m sure a lot of them are wondering when we are going to have kids. I’m still having hopes that I will get pregnant this cycle and be able to tell them when we go visit them for our extended christmas in January. Guess we will have to see how it all shakes out.



  1. I know exactly how you feel … who do you tell? Do you want to deal with the questions later? But then telling them makes them stop asking you when you’ll have kids (which is also painful). I never really know what to do. Maybe we will both have good news to share at Christmas!!

    • I really hope we do both get to share good news this holiday season 🙂

  2. I get that – as each holiday approaches I can’t help but think “what if” we can share good news this time!

  3. Lin

    Mmmm…I love Munchkins! 🙂 I know what you mean…I dread that, “So, what about you guys?” question. I do think, though, that people can’t be supportive unless we let them in. Letting them in comes with it’s own set of troubles, though. Good luck with whichever way you decide to go…I hope you have wonderful news to announce at Christmas with the fam!

  4. It’s definitely hard – there are pros and cons to telling people. I had to tell a few friends, and yes, every time I see them, I have to talk about it. On the other hand, it’s nice because I can be honest – about why we’re cancelling our vacation, etc. Good luck with that decision. And hopefully it’ll be a moot point and this cycle will be the one…..

  5. A


    Sorry, did I miss the rest of your post? Haha!

    Munchkins….mmm…. 😉

  6. Yeah, that’s a tough decision to make. I’ve told some of my friends and family, then every time we see them they want to know what’s going on and are so full of sympathy. Which sometimes you need. But some days, you just don’t want to hear it.
    Good luck with whatever decision you do make. And fingers crossed that you will have something to share this Christmas!

  7. babybaker

    i totally have a draft blog post about this very issue. the gist for me is that when some people ask, i know they just mean well and they’re simply curious. but when it’s my mom or grandma, it really really upsets me when they poke and probe and ask questions that are hurtful to me, even though they have no idea. but when an innocent friend asks, i think it’s just sweet. but when mom piles on in the FB comments (yep, i’m friends with my mom on FB), it just makes it worse. (we’ve told no one except one IRL friend about our struggles. i’m dreading the holidays. stupid IF!)

    • I agree with you. Someone who continually bugs you about it and asks on would be annoying! I hope your holidays go well.

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