Have you guys ever heard of bpa? I have heard of it a bit in passing, but I didn’t really know that much about it. I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they had a story on bpa and how the regulation amounts for the amount of bpa can be in a product are outdated. A new study just came out and they found two products – Dell Monte green beans and some soups to have the highest amounts of bpa. That scared me because I eat Dell Monte green beans all the time. In fact I had a can last night. I then heard that bpa can cause reproductive issues. I kept listening and they only really talked about young children and their development.

Afterwards, I went on the net and started googling a bit. I found that research suggests that “BPA can interfere with further development of uterine cells and the way they change in preparation for possible pregnancy, and that exposure to BPA may prevent the embryo from attaching to the uterus.” In addition, it can affect women going through ivf. I don’t want to be a fear monger, especially since all the articles I have read seem to be quoting the same study, but it really makes me think. Maybe I should stop eating so many canned vegetables and go with a different packaging or fresh.



  1. A

    We eat only fresh or frozen…I tried to have canned green beans about 3 months ago, and we were both kind of turned off by their weird “canned” color!! The frozen ones are so easy with the “steam in bag” packaging now!!

    I’d be surprised if canned green beans is the explanation for your IF (haha, if it were only that easy!), but maybe you could try to incorporate other ways of eating veggies!!

    (I think the other place BPA is present is in plastic bottles, which is why there is a big trend for aluminum ones, etc.)

    • Yea I seriously doubt that bpa is the cause of my issues. PCOS is. However, I’m sure it doesn’t help.

  2. Jen

    Hi….canned goods were never mentioned to me in my list of things. The main concern was raw foods, deli meat, or salad bars. I think that was about it!

  3. I have read articles about this before, the BPA in plastic can do something funky especially in women with PCOS, but I don’t fully understand it… Maybe we should all read up a bit. 🙂

  4. Lin

    I’ve heard of the BPA issues, too, but mostly regarding plastic bottles. Definitely worth reading up on, though. Didn’t know about the canned food…thanks!

  5. Hmm I haven’t heard of this… must research…

    Sad too because canned green beans are a guilty pleasure of mine.

  6. EC

    I agree with your first commenter – try the frozen steam in the bag green beans! They are delicious, and so easy!

    It is all a little scary – I am going to look into it! It seems like something to avoid for a lot of reasons.

  7. Yes, I have been really spastic about BPA since I read about it. We switched to glass storage containers for our leftovers, and we no longer put specific types of plastic in the dishwasher or in super hot water either. We only get fresh vegetables, and I check the # on the bottom of any plastic container before purchasing the item. I also got a BPA-free water bottle.

    That stuff freaks me out!!

  8. This is interesting…I’ve only ever heard of BPA with plastic bottles. This stuff also freaks me out!

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