Jumping back in

Today I had my baseline appointment, getting me back into the swing of things again. I felt like there were a lot of kids around today going there, which I wondered if it was a sign or something. When I got there I had to pay a larger co-pay which was annoying because supposedly we had to pay off two weekend visits in September. I could have sworn we were all paid up, but whatever. Then I sat around a lot waiting.

The visit itself was fine though. I didn’t miss getting my arm poked. The scan was quick, no cysts so all is well. When I was done I asked if they would be able to tell if the metformin had worked from the bloodwork. She said they wouldn’t be able to tell because my LH will be low anyways because it’s the beginning of the cycle. I was a little surprised when it came to my drugs. I am on 100mg of clomid again, but this time I’m starting on day 3 (today!) and I’m taking it for seven days instead of five. I asked what the extra couple of days will do. She said hopefully that extra bit will give my ovaries/follicles a little extra push. That sounds good to me. So hopefully with just coming off birth control, being on metformin, being on 100mg of clomid (which let me try for the first time last time) and with the extra two days of the clomid this will be a great cycle. I have high hopes for this cycle. *fingers crossed*

I feel like I spent a lot of money today. I had the bigger co-pay, my clomid, refill of metformin, and I just ordered another shot of ovidrel and progesterone suppositories. At least everything for this cycle is paid for now except for my monitoring visits. An yes, I know many of you are paying much more for your injectables and IVF, but blech. I don’t want to spend any more money. I’m very thankful for my husband and his insurance.



  1. EC

    It sounds like you are off to a good start! Good luck – it sounds like things are coming together!

  2. I’m glad that the appointment went well and that you’ve got everything you need to jump right back in. I’m crossing my fingers..and my toes..for you this cycle!

  3. Sending you good mojo for this cycle!

  4. How exciting! So glad to hear you’re on your way! It really sounds like you have prepared a lot for this (Metformin, BCPs) and you know that Clomid allowed you to try last time, so I think this time sounds like it will be your best chance ever! That’s so great. =)

  5. Sounds like all good news! Just FYI, I nominated you for an award on my blog…thank you for all the support!

    Have a great day!

  6. Glad everything went well this morning!

  7. Al

    I’m sure it feels great to be back in the game. I’m glad things are looking good so far and best of luck this cycle!

  8. Jessica

    Yay for a new plan. I am hoping this is the lucky cycle that will bring you a BFP!!

  9. Glad the appointment went well. Best of luck for this cycle!

  10. Lin

    Sounds like an awesome plan! Hoping it doe the trick! And, the bottom line is that no matter what phase of this process we’re in, it feels like more money than it *should* cost when so many others can conceive for almost nothing. I hear ya!

    FX for this cycle!!

  11. sending lots of prayers and good thoughts for this cycle! I hope that the meds do the trick!

  12. Yeah, sounds like it all went well. You are very fortunate to have insurance for this stuff. Even though we are in Cairo and it is MUCH MUCH cheaper than most places it still drains us. Good to hear all is well my friend.

  13. Very good start! I’ll be hoping this cycle brings much happiness for you!!

    Responding to your comment on my blog: Actually I have hardly lost any weight at all from running. I would say I’m down approximately 6 lbs from about 9 months ago. It’s kind of discouraging but I’m not dieting either. I love food so much – though I do try to limit my portions and choose healthier things – I usually eat what I want. I figure if I meet my goal of running regularly for a year, at that point I’ll add in a more serious diet change to the mix. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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