She’s here

AF made it. Yea 🙂 I knew the spotting yesterday meant that she was going to come today. I was a dork and kept checking things yesterday. I just wanted to get started already. So now when I go to my appointment on Monday morning it will truly be day 3. Good body 🙂 However, last night I had the weirdest dreams ever. I kept falling asleep, having a weird dream, waking up, and then repeating the process over again. I guess AF was really messing with my head.

My analytical thinking came out and I have been counting out the days to certain things to see where it will be. Like I will start clomid again on Wednesday. If my Metformin and BC pills worked and I ovulate normally that will be around Nov 13th with a 2ww ending around Nov 27th. If I ovulate like I did last time (late) it will be around Nov 20 with a 2ww ending around Dec 4. So my fingers are majorly crossed that the pills move up my ovulation some. I’m going to ask when they take my blood on Monday if they can see any difference in my hormone levels.



  1. Yay, AF! Behaving herself for once! Can you ask her to twitter about her arrival? I’d like my AF to find out what all the cool kids are doing and get this show on the road ;).

    • Haha, I’ll tell her to let yours know how to behave 🙂

  2. Yay, good news. BTW, it’s normal (I hope) to count out when everything will happen with your cycle. I’m so anal that I’m already planning my next cycle!

  3. Yay for AF arriving! Sounds like if you have the 2ww ending around 11/27, we will be in our 2ww together! We can commiserate and over-analyze symptoms til we go nuts. =)

    • Ooh I would like that. It’s always nice to have someone in the wait with you 🙂

  4. Happy new cycle!!

  5. Pie

    Yay for AF! Don’t you just love her when she comes when you want her? I hope the blood work today goes smoothly!

  6. A

    I am late in commenting, but I hope your appt yesterday went well! Isn’t it great to feel new hope at the beginning of the cycle? 🙂

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