Infertility Twitter

Today I was wandering around the internet and happened upon Infertile Naomi and Fertility Chick’s twitter pages. I have visited their twitter pages before and have noticed how they both have a lot of people that read them. It got me thinking about creating one. Being able to twitter could be good for things I want to get of my chest, but aren’t worth a full blog entry. Do a lot of you guys have twitter accounts you use to twitter about infertility? If you do, do you also have a personal one that is different from your infertility account? I think this would be another cool way to get to know more people who deal with infertility. I think I will create one. Especially since wordpress has a twitter widget to put on the side of my blog. If you do have a infertility twitter leave me your screen name and I will add you once I set mine up. Ok, I’m set up if you want to add me. My name is @LowFatLady.



  1. I love Twitter…you said it perfectly, it’s great for those times when you just have a thought and not enough for a whole blog post. There are a lot of great people out there to follow, especially about infertility. Good luck, I think you will like it!!
    ~Jess, ICLW
    (Twitter = WifeyBoyd)

  2. A

    I don’t have a twitter acct- that’s right up there with my lack of facebook page!

  3. I haven’t gotten into twitter yet. Not sure if I will. Let us know how you like it! 🙂

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