Last night I took two Metformin ER with dinner bringing me up to taking 1500mg of Metformin ER a day. I was nervous to see what two Metformin at a time would do, but I did pretty well. My stomach made a lot of noises and I felt like I needed to eat a little bit of a bigger breakfast, but I did great. Go me. I’m really glad I switched the week to start taking the morning Metformin. I felt like that was a lot harder to do and my parents are coming this weekend. This means I hopefully don’t have to spend a lot of time feeling crappy because of the drugs.

I also have one more full week of BC pills after I finish this week. If my body acts like it did the last time I was on BC pills I should get my period on October 30th and then be back in with the RE on November 2nd. I have the song The Final Count Down in my head. I’m going to have to go listen to that on youtube. I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon on eating low carb. It is hard when your trying to get used to a nasty drug. I hope that won’t negatively affect my next cycle.

Not much else to report since I am not officially trying yet. I have not been in the mood at all lately. I want to say it’s the birth control pills, but I’m not in the mood a lot of the time. So I dunno. We have a nasty storm coming in today so I will probably stay in and get stuff done around the house. I will also be finishing season 4 of Lost. Have you guys noticed that the topic of infertility comes up a lot during the series? Just something I noticed.



  1. I feel you on the Final Countdown song! I am ready to get this show on the road. Being on the BCP is so frustrating because you have to take a break and you can’t even attempt to TTC naturally (even though the odds are low, it’s better than no odds, right?). I feel like a bunch of us are gearing up to cycle at the end of October.

    Glad the Metformin isn’t treating you too badly.

    I don’t watch Lost, but I watched Lie to Me and the last episode was about a donor egg program in Mexico. I thought that was so random!

  2. MK

    I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!
    Sorry, I get overexcited when talking about it. 😉
    But yes, infertility plays a big part in the show. I cry when I watch the episode where Juliette gives Sun an ultrasound. Even though I hate Sun. haha

  3. I love it. The Final Countdown – seems like this journey is one big countdown!

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