I hate waiting! *updated*

Gah!!  Just got a call back from my RE’s office.  She said my beta was negative.  I’m not surprised by that.   She said that my LH levels (I don’t really know that much about it, I guess I need to google) were really high.  She said that it is common with people who have pcos, but that mine were pretty high.  I think she said it was part of the reason why I ovulated so late.  She said high LH may also may make clomid less effective.  So they want to bring my LH levels down.  To do this she is having me go on birth control for three weeks to see if that will help.  I will also be going on metformin to see if that will help.  I have been on metformin way back when, but I remember not doing so well on it.  She said that I should start on one pill a day for a week and work up to three pills a day if possible. Ugh.

So summary of this stupid story?  I have to get my period, which will happen hopefully soon after I stop taking the progesterone suppositories and then have to go on birth control of all things and then wait for another stupid period before I can go back and start on clomid again.  This will probably be a month before I can try clomid again. How stupid is that? ARG!  I know in the end this could be a good thing, that it could help my body, but I already have very small amounts of patience as it is.  So annoying.

I’m very proud of myself though, I didn’t cry until I got off the phone.  I think I want to go buy a stuffed sperm like the lovely Stacey or some sort of good luck charm to get me through this crap.


After I had my initial shock and time to cry I started to think.  If I can get this together my next cycle will have a lot of things going for it.  1) Being on bc pills for a month will hopefully supress my lh levels making me more likely to do well on clomid, have a shorter time to ovulation, and better ovulation 2) I will be on metformin, which is supposed to help people with PCOS get pregnant easier 3) I talked to my mother who is a nutritionist and we came up with a daily meal plan that is IBS friendly and lower carb than I have been eating which will help with the pcos and hopefully make it easier to concieve 4) Even though I hate exercising I am going to try to motivate myself to get on the treadmill at least three times a day and then work my way up.  That is four things that I didn’t have this cycle.  All I had this cycle was clomid.  Even though it will suck majorly to have to wait a month (arg) when I do get to try again I may have an awesome chance to get pregnant because of these four changes I will be making.  *fingers crossed*



  1. MK

    That sucks but hopefully the month will fly by!

  2. A

    GOSH. Is there any natural way to decrease LH levels? Maybe there is some herbal thing you could take so you won’t have to take birth control for a month? Will be praying for you- I hate waiting, too!

  3. Jessica

    I’m sorry your beta was negative, that is a hard pill to swallow. I think waiting is the hardest part of IF…I feel for ya.

  4. Blah that sucks big time…so proud of you for keeping it together until you got off the phone! I’m praying you get better news in the following months!


  5. Al

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out this time, I was hoping this would be your month.

    The waiting is the worst part…if only we could know when things would work it would make all of this so much easier!

    well done on keeping your composure on the phone, i’m not sure if i could have kept it in.

  6. Jen

    I’m sorry, that sounds like an ordeal just to start another cycle of Clomid, but hopefully it will all be worth it!

  7. What a blessed mess!

    I totally understand your rant from earlier….and the way that you went back and took time to think about it. Sounds just like what I would do…uh, have done. Hope that this treatment, however wonky, does the trick. 🙂

    BTW: Going lower carb (like you mentioned) will help with the nasty side effects of Metformin, too. HANG IN THERE!


  8. JC

    Oh I’m sorry! I’m glad you are feeling better it sounds like…and you’re being positive about the next month and the steps to take to better your chances. Wishing you lots of luck!!

  9. So sorry you have to do more waiting, but I love your plan of action- it sounds like you’ll be setting yourself up for your best chance of success!

  10. Argh, that’s SO frustrating!!! I’m sorry. Your edits are totally right, though. Do this one month of pills, and you’ll be set up for a MUCH more positive experience the next time. Hang in there, Lady!

  11. I’m so sorry your beta was negative. I’m really hopeful that even though you have to wait a month to take BCP, you’ll have your BFP at the end of your next Clomid cycle. It sounds like they are being really aggressive with your treatment and monitoring which is a very good thing. Best Wishes!

  12. Oh, I HATE waiting! That’s the worst part of all this – success comes down to one day, then waiting and more waiting! Hoping it the next month flies by!!

  13. Em

    Big hugs…waiting completely sucks. Hopefully it does the trick and gets you that BFP.

  14. I’m sorry that you’re having to wait to start trying again, but hopefully the changes you’re putting in place will make a big difference! The meal plan and exercise sound very promising. Metformin works for many people (although it doesn’t seem to be helping me much right now), and I hope you’re one of those. Fingers crossed for a BFP on the next try!!

  15. babybaker

    i’m so sorry about your BFN. boo! 😦

    i think your plan for this go around seems great! i know waiting a month will be hard, but you have the perfect approach. i hate exercising too, but i love love love wii active. check it out on amazon. it’s great work out, 20 mins or so, and every day is different. i really enjoy it.

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