Today’s test was negative of course.  Just like tuesday will probably be.  Trying to stay positive, but feeling realistic that it won’t be positive.  Go back an entry and read some happiness.


I just realized something. I have been using a walmart equate brand of pregnancy test.  On the side of the box it says “can be used as early as the first day of a missed period and any day thereafter”.  That means it’s not an early response test right?  I tried googling equate pregnancy tests and a lot of reports say that they are super sensitive at 25hcg.  Is this for all equate brands?  Why don’t they write somewhere how much hcg they detect? After googling some more I found out the equate I have measures at 100hcg!! Definitely not early response.  I guess this gives me a little hope.  Especially after reading peoples posts of when they were 12dpo that it was too early for them.  I’m trying to not overestimate my hope, but it’s there a little.



  1. I’m sorry the test was negative, but I there is definitely a chance you tested too early. I don’t know much about the different brands….good luck!!!

  2. You shouldn’t use an off brand or cheapie when you are trying to test early because they will not detect an early pregnancy and you shouldn’t use digital either because they need a higher HCG level. You need to go buy the brands that advertise 5 days before your missed period. Okay, go back to the store and by a good one, lol!

  3. I like the First Response Early Response sticks best. You’re almost there, I hope it is a positive soon!

  4. girlykat

    I too, like the FRER best, but they are so darn expensive. Good luck! I hope you get your BFP soon!

  5. A

    That stinks that your test was negative…maybe it will be positive the next time!! There are definitely “it’s just too early to tell” situations!

  6. Jen

    I used the Equate brand also; it was negative last Sunday, and positive on Tuesday. Don’t give up hope!

    • That thought is partly what is keeping me going.

  7. Al

    Sounds like there’s still a chance…the tests sensitive enough for testing early are always so much more expensive. Hope you get a BFP soon.

    I like the new blog layout

  8. Well, personally, I didn’t like spending that kind of money on HPT’s, so I checked Ebay. Yeah. 25 hpt’s for like 8 bucks. They’re dipsticks, but I think they’re sensitive to 10 mu. Worth checking into! Good luck! ICLW

    • Thanks for the tip. I think right now I am impatient and just trying to have some hope. Next time I will definitely order some of the internet. Maybe do some research in the middle of the cycle so that I can have them by the time I need them.

  9. So sorry for the negative result, but will be keeping fingers crossed for you that you’ll get a great result on Tuesday! Good luck!


  10. Whoa, that is a SUPER high level of hcG to detect. TOTALLY try with another, more sensitive stick. Or wait another week. But seriously, who’s going to do that?!

    It should definitely be a law that companies should have to disclose the level of hcG that their test detects. It would save us early birds a LOT of drama.

    I’ve been googling the same stuff. Looks like I need to buy some more tests if I want to test early this time too. What brand did you find that was the best?

  11. The tests are really almost all the same. I work in a hospital lab and the tests we get are the same ones you can get in any store, and we change brands all the time depending on who has the best deal. I think you’ve just tested early! I’ve read so many posts where they didn’t get their BFP ’til 16-18 days! I’m hopin’ for you! 🙂

  12. Good luck!! Certainly try to use a more sensitive test.


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