Keeping busy

These past few days have been nice.  Husband has been home and we have been keeping busy.  This has helped a lot with not obsessing over the wait.  This has shown me that I need to do something to be more busy.  It’s hard though when I’m out of work and not having luck with the applications I’m sending in.  Maybe I should volunteer at least another morning or maybe that resume the nurse will be submitting to the manager she knows will come through.  Anyone else have any good suggestions on keeping busy?

Yesterday we had a guy come fix our roof and then we went to a few stores and then finally replaced our tv that had broke a month ago.  Today we went to a tux fitting for a wedding we are going to and then to an apple orchard.  The orchard was really nice.  There was pumpkin and apple picking, good food (pumpkin funnel cake, apple fritters, apple cider), farm animals to look at, music, a little train to ride on for the kids, as well as a corn maze.  I had a good time and would love to bring my children to it whenever I do manager to have any.  There were a lot of families and young children there.  I had fun people watching and didn’t have any issues with all the cute kids with their faces painted.  I normally don’t with kids.  I have more issues with pregnant women.  I did notice a bunch of women who were pregnant and already had children.  It made me think, “It must be nice to have it be that easy.”  After that we went over to the in-laws and helped them do some yard work and some work inside their house.

So tomorrow morning I test again.  I am not expecting it to be positive.  I then will test again beta morning, on tuesday.  Maybe it will be positive, but I dunno.  I keep telling myself that there is a good chance even though I don’t feel many symptoms because I had a big follicle, I used ovidrel, I was being monitored, and husbands little dudes are fine.  So we will see.  *fingers crossed*



  1. I hope it is positive! I’m still praying for you babe!

    UGH, I can’t stand pregnant woman especially ones who are so smug about it, I want to wipe that smug look of their faces!

    • Thanks! Can use all the prayers I can get.

  2. babybaker

    good luck tomorrow! i’m hoping you get a BFP! not everyone has symptoms, so try not to go by that.

    • I keep telling myself that. *fingers crossed*

  3. I really hope you get a positive soon!
    When I see pregnant women my first instinct is often jealousy, but I try to remember that they may have had more trouble getting into their condition than it initially appears.

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Good for you for keeping an even head about it all. I try to do that too, but it’s hard to keep your mind off the “hope”.

    Have a great weekend and keep us updated!


  5. I’m so excited for ya’ll! I hope today is your BFP! You’ve done a great job staying busy through the 2WW!

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