Thank you guys for the help on my dpo question.  While it stinks to have lost two days, it means I have more time to develop more symptoms if I am going too.  LOL, trying to look at the positive side.

I want to say Congrats to Jen from Within Reach who just got a BFP today! I am so happy for you!  I have been following right behind her the entire time this cycle and have had very similar symptoms, which haven’t been that noticeable.  You give me hope!!

Today while getting ready for the day I actually googled “can I be pregnant if my boobs don’t hurt?” LOL I need to stop analyzing my symptoms and do something else.  Which is why as I as soon as I finish on the internet I will be going to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make potato kugel from scratch. I hope it turns out yummy!  I was thinking about also buying some pregnancy tests, however, I think it is still a few days too early.  I think I will buy some cheaper ones off the internet.  This way by the time that they arrive I will hopefully be able to test.  Are there any great sites to buy cheap tests from?



  1. Jen….I have orderd PG tests and cheap OPKs from there before. But my test of choice is apparently an “Equate” brand generic one from Wal-Mart!!

    thanks for the congrats! Still doesn’t seem real!

    And my boobs don’t really hurt either 🙂

  2. Oh, the eternal search for what symptoms are “normal” ;). As for cheap HPTs, I order them on Amazon for about $7 for 20:

    However, beware: they claim to test pretty low betas but I once had a flase negative when a blood beta showed up at 60 the following day. So, you can have fun with these, but not take them as a definitive yes/no.


  3. A

    I am definitely not the one to give you advice on cheap tests- I am such a scaredy-cat! I hope the cooking takes your mind off obsessing- it works for me!

  4. Happy ICWL 🙂

  5. Ha! I love your google from today! I am a google queen as well. I am always astounded when my weird questions show up in the drop down menu while I type as if they are totally normal questions asked by sane people all the time! I guess it makes me feel better 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I can’t believe you made it to all in one day!

    Good luck with your test. I buy mine from (preg and OPKs) but they are the collect and dunk variety. They also sell cheap pee-on ones.


  6. Ahhhh, Dr. Google. We all love him, don’t we? I am addicted as well. I have done very similar searches to yours. I hope you get a BFP soon.

    Have a great week.


  7. I totally can relate to all the googling!!

  8. Dr. Google is such a dangerous doctor- he’ll tell you anything you want to hear and more of what you don’t want to hear! I’ve found that I need to step away from the internet or give myself a panic attack!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today, definitely helped me get through the afternoon!

  9. Re: your question about blog organization. Blogspot/blogger does the automatic updates in a specialized reader for those who use it. I don’t know of any other way. What I do is organize them into a folder, and just open up each website every day. It’s slower, but it seems to work okay.

    I assume you got the Iron Blogger status? Congrats!!! Me too, just last night.

    I also use Shipping is fast and prices are very reasonable.

    Have great day.

  10. GOOD LUCK THIS CYCLE!!! How exciting… only 8 days to go! I just got my first positive OPK on Monday, and I think that we nailed it in terms of timing the BD. I just called my RE and I have an app’t for my first blood pregnancy test on October 6th. Can’t believe it! In a few days I’ll start Googling just as you have to overanalyze my “symptoms” — I’m sure!

    Hang in there for the next week!

  11. I’ve read through your blogs, and I hope you are pregnant! i can’t wait to find out!

    Happy New Year…the food is so yummy. I nanny for a Jewish family and I was lucky enough to try some of their yummy foods!

  12. I’m impressed with your cooking – can you throw some of that motivation my way? 🙂

    • Haha, cooking is a hobby of mine. I wish that I had motivation like that for other things – say exercising lol.

  13. I ordered for too. I use the OPKs. I hope the potato dish was delish! Good luck in a couple of days! I will be thinking of you on my trip. I can’t wait to come back and hear the good news!

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