Welcome all ICLWer’s to my little corner of the web.  This is my second time doing ICLW and I am excited.  It could not have come at a better time. I currently have one week left on my first real two week wait with my RE.  I am trying to keep myself occupied and busy so to do that I decided to try to be an Iron Commenter this month.  So we will see how I do.

Ok a little bit about me – I’m 30, been married a bit over three years to my husband, and am a stay at home wife at the moment.  Husband is an engineer.  We are relatively new to the process and have been trying for seven months.  I have PCOS and was diagnosed way back when.  I was put on bc pills because of that and had been on bc pills for over ten years before I decided to come off them.  My RE always said I would have to go on Clomid (I saw him before ttcing because of PCOS issues) and he was right.  I am currently on a cycle where I used 100mg of Clomid.  We went for a natural cycle and didn’t have an IUI.  I’m a big wimp when it comes to medical procedures and doctors, but I’ve come a long way from the beginning of this process.

Currently I have eight days until I go in for a blood test to see if it worked.  I am excited for the chance to be pregnant (I’ve never had a bfp ever), but most of the time I don’t feel like it will really happen this month.  As far as side effects I have bloating I think (though I always am bloated because of IBS), overly tired (I think that’s the progesterone), occasional cramping, and most recently headaches, but I think that is from the dumb progesterone suppositories.  I keep looking for new ones and over analyzing everything, which is why I am trying to become an Iron Commenter instead of being nutty.  I look forward to “meeting” all of you.



  1. Hello, LFL.

    I, too, never had a BFP. I hope that you are soon to leave the ranks of people who say that.

    Best wishes in the coming days and weeks and months…


  2. Jen

    Isn’t the 2ww such a frustrating 2 weeks that are full of nothing??!! I would *almost* rather be taking meds, injecting, etc, so at least I felt productive and able to do something other than just wait!

    good luck…hope the next 8 days go quickly!

  3. wow Iron Commenter!! I saw that on the ICLW page and was like, whoever does that is seriously impressive! =) It is definitely a good way to distract yourself though. 8 days to go …. so close …

  4. Thanks for your comment and good luck with this cycle and the iron commenting. How exciting (and draining) to be in the TWW. I haven’t been there in SOOO long but can’t wait to be back. At the same time I can wait – you know what I mean? I hope you find some fun distractions. Perfect week for ICLW!

  5. Rain

    I too am trying for Iron Commenter…it’s going to be a busy week for both of us!! I am hoping for you to get a BFP!!!! Thank you for all of your support of my trials and tribulations! Have a great day!


  6. Thanks for your comment and kind words on my blog 🙂 Best of luck to you, I hope the end of these two weeks is the start of 9 months of waiting for your little miracle to be born.

  7. Hoping and praying the next 8 days bring you your miracle. Waiting royally sucks and going for Iron Commenter will be a great distraction.


  8. Jem

    Thank you for commenting on my bog. Thanks for the support.

    Doncha just love ICLW?

    I wish you everything good and positive during your 2WW.


  9. I am glad you are half way done with the 2ww! I hope to hear great news in 8 days!

  10. ICLW rocks, I’m finding all these cool new blogs! Thanks for your note on my blog — I, too, hope we’re all eating our Taco Bell in a few days — at least metaphorically speaking ;).

    Best of luck with your beta next week. I’m a strict non-POASer, you didn’t mention if you were or weren’t, so I’m guessing you’re not either. I like to know a definitive open or closed door answer, not the torture of faint lines or false results.

    I’ll be watching and keeping my fingers crossed for you!


    • I haven’t decided if I am a POAser or not. I think I might be. I’m trying to hold out till at least the end of the week some time lol.

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Hope this cycle works for you guys!

  12. Good luck with this cycle! I hope you get your BFP!!

  13. Good luck this 2ww! I know how awful the whole process is. I have PCOS, too, and we are dealing with MFI, and after 1 year of treatments, we finally had our miracle. I am terrified of needles and I managed to go all the way through to IVF. All I can say is this journey is sometimes more of a marathon than a sprint, so focus on hanging tough. I really hope you get your bfp during this first 2ww! Sometimes, a little bit of clomid goes a long way! For PCOS, you just have to find that magic cocktail – you’ll get there!!

  14. Hello! Good luck on your beta next week. I’m als looking forward to “meting” everyone.

  15. Good luck with your cycle! I am also wimpy when it comes to procedures and also kind of bitter that I’ve had to endure some painful ones that fertile women will never know. I hope clomid is all you need to jump start your ovaries!

    Thanks for the comment in my blog! Take care!

  16. ICLW–Well! I must admit that I missed a lot of your post because I am not up on the acronyms, but I wish you blessings on the procedures you are going through lowfatlady! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and congratulations on your blog commenting marathon today. You deserve a medal!

  17. babybaker

    progesterone is the WORST with “symptoms.” good luck! keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  18. Happy ICLW! I hope you have your first BFP very soon!

  19. Kim

    Hope you get that bfp! What a great way to pass the time! Curse that progesterone for giving pregnancy symptoms. I don’t understand why our belly buttons can’t just turn orange when we are pregnant. Of course that would put the pregnancy test people out of business!


  20. This is my first ICLW. Glad you see your enthusiasm for it!

    Wishing you the best of luck this cycle!

  21. Good luck!! Hoping this 2WW gives you your first BFP!!

  22. Flutterby918

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hopefully your journey TTC won’t be a long one. GL on becoming an Iron Commentator. This is my second ICLW and I can’t imagine doing that, too busy!

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