Dr. Google

Good lord this 2 week wait thing stinks.  I’m only 4dpo and it feels like these two weeks are going to take forever.  I hope the rest of this time speeds up.  Luckily, I will be visiting my parents this weekend (we leave tomorrow) so at least friday through sunday will go by quickly.  I’ve been using Dr. Google a lot and reading random peoples comments who were also at 4dpo at one point in time.  It’s really annoying that they never come back and tell you what the end result was.

Right now I’m feeling very tired and have sensitive nipples.  I’ve read that that is a progesterone side effect.  I know it’s too early for a pregnancy symptom.  Still doesn’t make my head shut up about analyzing everything lol.  I also had some blood sugar issues today, but I doubt that it is related.

Not much else to report, the in-laws finally went home and our big tv is still broken.  However, someone will be coming to see if they can fix it on monday.  Also, just learned on facebook that someone else is pregnant.



  1. The progesterone totally made me confused because of its side effects. I have heard that the earliest implantation occurs is 6DPO so that would be the earliest you could have symptoms but that most people don’t even then. Have you gone to twoweekwait.com? It has early pregnancy symptoms from women who did end up with a BFP. I love obsessing over them when I am in the 2ww. They don’t all seem reliable (some people claim symptoms like the first day … obviously not possible), but there are a lot of posts that are comforting/useful.

    Almost through the first week … hang in there!

  2. Jen

    I am in the 2ww too, and I agree, it does suck! Yes, when Clomid elevated my progesterone so much, it totally made my (o)(o) hurt, and of course I managed to convince myself they felt “different” than their normal monthly ache. So hard not to overanalyze things!

    Hope your weekend and coming week goes fast!

  3. Rain

    I obsess too! It’s hard not too! Have fun visiting your folks. Keep your mind busy, if you can. Wishing you the best!

  4. The progesterone drives me crazy because I can’t tell what might be a ‘real’ symptom and what’s just a ‘side effect’!!
    Good luck in your 2ww!

  5. A

    Yah, I have concluded that none of my 2ww symptoms ever reveal anything. It is so hard because your heart wants to believe so badly that they’re pregnancy symptoms!! I definitely would recommend keeping busy so that you don’t have too much time to dwell on what new symptom you have! (I can’t tell you how many “new” symptoms I’ll have in any given 2ww that end up to be just something new!)

  6. I hope your 2ww starts to go a little faster. Fingers crossed that it ends with great news!

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