The feeling of the moment is tired.  I feel drained.  After I finish this entry I am going to go take a nap.  I seriously doubt my tiredness is pregnancy related, because we just started “trying” on Sunday.  I have felt cramping down there as well, but I blame it on something I ate or not getting enough sleep.  I have been getting up at 6 something every morning (including Saturday and Sunday) so that is probably why I am tired.

However, when can you contribute symptoms to pregnancy? I guess no one really knows.  In addition when are you supposed to test? I read some where that your supposed to test eight days after ovulation.  However, should I test eight days after we started “trying” or eight days after the last day we finished trying?

This morning in the shower I was having stomach cramps.  My husband actually said, “Baby, don’t bother mommy too much in there.”  I was stunned and it melted my heart.  I told him we don’t know if anything is in there yet.  He said true, but if not we can try again next cycle.  Good hubby.

I didn’t start the suppositories yet.  I didn’t want to have to deal with it during volunteering this morning. I will start using them tonight after we are done trying.  Also, one random tmi question.  Does peeing after sex (after I have sat with my hips up for 20-30min) decrease the chances of getting pregnant?



  1. Awe, my hubby does the same thing after I ovulated. He talks to my belly (the baby) every time until AF arrives. He says he wants the baby to know his voice, lol, it is the cutest thing ever! I usually test 10-12 days after I ovulate and I don’t know about the pregnancy symptoms…I usually feel pregnant a week after I ovulate and it ends up being AF symptoms.


  2. MK

    “Does peeing after sex (after I have sat with my hips up for 20-30min) decrease the chances of getting pregnant?”

    Nope, the good sperm will already have started swimming toward their goal. LOL

    As for testing, I’d probably wait until, at the EARLIEST, 10 days past ovulation. Even then though, there are many pregnant women who don’t get positives until 14 dpo. That’s why I keep Dollar Tree pregnancy tests at home – otherwise I’d be bankrupt! 🙂

    • Low Fat Lady

      Haha, thanks for answering my question. I was nervous about that 😀

  3. EC

    I usually wait 12 days past ovulation. Since my lp is usually 11 days, I almost never test.

  4. What a sweet thing for your husband to say…it would melt my heart, too.

  5. Good luck!! I hope it works out for you- and thank you so much for all the nice comments on my blog!

    I haven’t gotten a positive before 10 days past ovulation and I think it’s most reliable about 12-14 days, but I have a short-ish lp, so I often get all ahead of myself and test at 10 or 11 dpo.

  6. A

    I am a total testing wuss, so I wait until like 14dpo (days past ovulation)!! I used to hate seeing the BFN, but now I hate wasting the test even more!! As if waiting another day will not reveal that I’m pregnant!

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