I was a bit of a wimp yesterday when it came around to Ovidrel shot time.  Thank goodness for the husband.  I got really nervous and closed my eyes tight.  Husband gave me the shot and I didn’t even feel it go in.  It stung a little bit and I felt a little weird after that (probably nerves), but after that I was fine.  So yea for surviving that.  LOL yes I am a wimp, but we did it.  Haha in more than one way.  Ok, moving on from my childish humor lol.

Nothing exciting to report.  I took my first prenatal type vitamin.  I got it from Trader Joes.  It’s just Folic acid, B6 and B12.  I tried to get it with very few vitamins in it, because normal vitamins usually bother my stomach.  Unfortunately, the first ingredient besides the vitamin is milk. Bleh.  I seemed to do fine with it, but I think I’m going to see if I can find one with out milk.  Tomorrow I start using the progesterone suppositories.   So we will see how that goes.  I hope I don’t get a lot of side effects from them.  Should I start them in the morning tomorrow or wait till I am done trying for the day?



  1. I am nervous for DH to give me the HcG shot and all the other butt/upper thigh shots! On my injectables and Clomid cycles the nurse always did it, but this time he will have to step up to the plate. I am glad it wasn’t too bad — that’s a relief to hear. As for the suppositories, I started them at night. They’re kinda messy so it might get in the way with you actively TTC? Not sure.

  2. oops, forgot to say the obvious: GOOD LUCK!! I hope this round is all you need to start your family!

  3. Jen

    Glad to hear you got the first ovidrel out of the way. I made my husband do my first 2 in my butt, but I have gotten brave and done them in my stomach without issue. It will get easier. Good luck!

  4. Jessica

    I was scared the first I did the HCG shot, but like you said it wasn’t bad. I hope this cycle you get your BFP!!!

  5. Al

    Hoping for a + for you this month! You’ll make it through the shots.

  6. Good job hubby! I’m a whimp too, and I’m worried about having to get a shot(s) in the future, but I will try to remember that you did it and hopefully it will help me not be such a big baby! Speaking of baby…I really hope you guys get one this month! 🙂


    • Low Fat Lady

      LOL, glad to be able to help someone. If I can do it, you can definitely do it.

  7. Way to go with the shot. I would have been closing my eyes and even squeezing my DH hand while he gave me the shot if it was up to me. I wish you the best of luck!

  8. If it’s not already too late- definitely wait to start the progesterone in suppository form until after you’re done ‘trying’, because that’s not something you’ll probably want to mix (sex & progesterone), it’ll be a bit messy anyway and I’d imagine a bit uncomfortable too (I haven’t done any ‘trying’ while using progesterone personally).

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