Jelly Bean

Just got back from my appointment and then breakfast with the hubby at IHOP. MMm harvest grain and nut pancakes.

The whole visit went pretty well.  They were really busy for a saturday and had to wait for a bit.  Got my blood drawn and then went in for the scan.  I had the same physician assistant that couldn’t find my ovary last time so I was a little nervous.  She said my lining was at a 6, which was good 😀 She found my right ovary right away and it still had three small ones – I think the biggest was 14mm.  Then she started looking for my other ovary and it took forever.  She kept moving around and pushing down hard on my side.  It hurt.  Not fun.  After moving the wand around for what seemed like forever she finally found it.  I couldn’t see anything so I was feeling disappointed.  I was like you don’t see anything do you?  She said I see one, see that dark spot? I was like sweet!  It looked like a jelly bean to me hence my title.  She measured it and then moved around some more to get a better view and it seemed bigger on the second viewing.  I think she said it was 18, but I’m not 100%. I always have the numbers fly out of my head.  She said it was a mature follicle though!!! I have a mature follicle!! It’s not a blood vessel 😀  Does this mean I’m not clomid resistant?

Just got the call back about my blood results.  The lady said I am getting really close and they want me to come back in tomorrow morning at the same time.  I’m excited, but why can’t they just say do the shot of ovidrel already!?

I have a mature follicle 😀



  1. Al

    YAY!!! Way to go, ovaries!!

    I hope this is the month for you!!

  2. Jen

    yay for a mature follicle!

  3. Woohoo for a mature follicle! You rock!!! 🙂

  4. YES!!! I am so excited that you get to try!!! =)

  5. MMMM…I love those pancakes from IHOP! 🙂 You’re ovaries are rocking…I am praying this is your month! I also read your above post, and it sounds like you guys are going to have a great 3 days! 🙂

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