Hiding body parts *edit at the bottom*

Well this morning was interesting.  Not what I had in mind though.

Got to my RE’s and got my blood drawn.  Then I sat down in the little lobby right next to where you get your blood drawn and started to read a magazine.  As I was waiting the fire alarm went off.  Then the fire alarm started saying “There is a fire in the building, please evacuate”.  I was like oh lord.  So the entire building evacuated and stood out on the street.  We are in a different building from the main hospital so the entire hospital didn’t have to evacuate.  We stood out there for at least ten minutes.  A hospital emergency guy went in the building to check things out, but I never saw him come back out.  Eventually people just started to go back in.  I guess they were told they could, but I never heard anything so I hung around the back and waited till most people were inside.  Weird.

Once I finally got back upstairs I was called for my scan.  Again they had the worst time finding my ovaries and one of them was completly hidden behind my bowels and after trying a tummy scan she still couldn’t find it.  She did find three small follicles on my left side and I had a lining of 5 something.  So *shrugs*  She said that they would call later today with my blood results and see where they go from there.  She said they may have me come in tomorrow or soon to see if they can find them again.  Has anyone else had so many issues with hiding ovaries? Every time I go it takes them forever to find them and a lot of the time one of them is hiding and they can’t see it.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?  I am tempted to just not eat at all in the morning before I go to my next scan.

So yea, that’s where I am.  Still don’t know if it’s a follicle or a blood vessel or even if it’s still there. Gah, so annoying.  I guess they are making their money off of me going in so many times.


They called back and I have an appointment at 8:15am on saturday.  This is the second saturday in a row that I have had to go in.  The lady said my estrogen is still high and that ovulation is probably coming soon. I didn’t get much information from her.  I think I will try skipping breakfast and see how that works.  I hope I have a good scan because this saturday is an important day.  This saturday I will have been together with my husband in one way or another for ten years.  *fingers crossed for a positive scan*



  1. Hmm, I unfortunately don’t have any advice. At my last appointment it did take them a minute to find my left ovary which was my first experience with that (they never have any issues) but it was a different doctor so maybe that’s why? Wish I could be of more help. I still am optimistic that you have a follicle because I’ve never heard of the blood vessel thing before. Hang in there …

    • Low Fat Lady

      I did have a physician assistant do my scan who I had never met before. She seemed pretty competent though. I hope your right ;D Thanks for your comment 😀

  2. I never heard of the blood vessel thing. I hope they have an answer for you! I have read about others having difficult times finding an ovary at a visit, but no one that has had it happen as often as you! Bless your heart, it’s gotta be so frustrating!

    I was really glad to move on from Clomid to injectables. The needles get a bit annoying by the end of the cycle, but they’re not bad. And there were no side effects like with Clomid and I got tons more follies.

  3. That seems really weird to me. Have you asked your Dr. about it. There has to be some kind of trick. I wish I could be of more help! Hang in there!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I’ve asked the different practitioners about it and they haven’t given me many ideas. I never see the actual RE’s, they are mostly the decision makers.

  4. How frustrating! Hope they figure it out soon!

  5. Jen

    Hmm…I’m sorry, I don’t have any advice either. Is it an u/s tech doing the scans? My RE does them herself…. not that it really matters, I guess.

    I have also never heard of the blood vessel thing. Good luck on Saturday!

    • Low Fat Lady

      No, I have only had the RE do my scans twice. Mostly it’s been practitioners who do the scans. The RE’s at my practice are the ones that make the big decisions and the practitioners are the one that carry out the plans.

  6. Sigh. I hope hope hope they find something on Saturday! I guess the good thing is you do have three follies on your left and your lining is 5… that’s good if you are still a few days from ovulating. FX’d for a really great scan!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I hope your right 🙂 I think this is the highest my lining has been before, but they don’t normally tell me my lining number so could be wrong. *fingers crossed for a good Saturday*

  7. KK

    Yep, I have hide-and-go-seek ovaries too. One of the techs usually asks me to apply pressure with my hand over whatever side he is trying to check out when the ovaries are being difficult. I’m not sure what that accomplishes, but I assume it just helps to keep the ovary from moving around as much with all the wand-ing going on. The other tech has never asked me to do this. Of course, she is also the one who reported that my dominant follicle “moved” from one ovary to the other in 24 hours last month. I think I will avoid her in the future.

    • Low Fat Lady

      Glad to find someone with the same issue. They always have me apply pressure on my sides. I guess it’s to push things out of the way or to make them stay so they can get a clearer picture. Have you found any solutions?

      • KK

        Nope, no solution that I’ve found. I’ve only been through 2 months of monitoring though, so I haven’t had a ton of time to perfect my technique. I’ve had several previous u/s to look at my PCOS ovaries and they never had a problem finding them. It’s only been with IF treatments that they have gone missing. Symbolic, I’m sure.

  8. Hopefully, tomorrow’s scan will give you an answer! I know it can be so annoying when our bodies don’t do what we want and try to keep us in the dark. Good luck!

  9. Al

    Good luck tomorrow! And congrats on ten years together!

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