I went in again this morning for another monitoring visit.  I wasn’t expecting anything and planned to go in and ask about how much an injectable cycle will cost because I’m a planner and I want to think about things before it happens.  When I went in she had issues finding my ovaries again. I swear they have the worst time finding mine. I’m not sure if it’s because I have eaten within an hour or two or if I have IBS or what.  They are always hard to see and have bowels that push them out of the way.

Anyways – I had a surprise today.  She could only find one – and she couldn’t tell if it was a blood vessel or a follicle, but if it was a follicle it is mature sized.  I don’t remember the exact measurement because I was like wha???, but it’s there.  I guess all the other little ones went away and left one big one if it is even a follicle.  They said they would wait for my blood results to come back and then that would tell them.

My appointment was at 8am and now (4:05pm) they finally called and scheduled me for another monitoring visit for thursday.  I asked if they knew if it was a blood vessel or a follicle and she said they didn’t know yet.  She said that I had not surged yet (I guess that means my estrogen levels?) so I haven’t reached ovulation so they are being cautious and having me come in again.  I have never had a mature follicle before! I have never gotten this far before if that is what it is.  *fingers crossed on it being a follicle and it staying there and growing to my next appointment.  Have you guys ever found a blood vessel in your scans?  It just seems weird to me, but what do I know.



  1. Jen

    That is good you have one mature follie! I have never heard of the blood vessel issue. At least they are monitoring you very closely though; hopefully it will help them better determine what is (or isn’t) going on. I hope you get to join me in the 2ww also!

  2. Al

    I hope it’s a follie!!

    Good luck!!

  3. MK

    Grow, little follicle!

  4. I’ve never heard of the blood vessel issue either. Fingers crossed it’s a lovely mature follie!! Keep us posted!!

  5. A

    I haven’t ever had a scan (slowly getting my feet wet at the RE!), but I hope what was seen was a good follicle!! That is awesome since you’ve never had one before!! I will be praying!!

  6. Rain

    I hope it’s a follie! I hope all goes well at the Thursday appointment. Keep us posted!!!!

  7. Fingers crossed for you!

  8. girl, how exciting! my fingers are crossed for you….here’s to your first mature follie! keep me updated!

  9. awesome! i have never heard of a blood vessel in a scan. fingers crossed that it’s a follicle!!

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