I’m back home from my visit to my parents.  I could have posted while at my parents, but I didn’t want my url to this blog in their history if they happened to look for it.

The appointment on saturday was fine.  They didn’t see any growth – just lot of small follicles again.  I still don’t know how many they found, just that they are all small.  Guess it doesn’t matter.  I guess the high estrogen level was because I have a lot of little ones that added up.  I scheduled another monitoring visit for tomorrow morning at 8am.  It stinks that it’s that early, but I’ll be at the hospital for volunteering at 9am so I just decided to get it out of the way so I could do other things when I’m done with volunteering.  I’m not expecting for them to see any growth at all tomorrow either.  Most likely they will scrap this cycle as well.

When I was at my appointment one of the head RE’s actually did the scan.  He said I would probably move on to 150mg of Clomid next cycle.  I mentioned that the practitioner lady had said skipping the last round of Clomid and going to injectables because I’m probably Clomid resistant and that would just waste my time.  He was like well we normally go all the way up through all doses of clomid just to make sure before we move on to something else unless your feeling impatient and want to move on.  He also mentioned possibly taking metformin with the Clomid.  I have been on metformin way back when to control my PCOS and it made my blood sugar wonky and not sure what that will really do.  Has anyone had success with that?  I wasn’t sure what to say to that.  Right now I feel like taking 150mg of Clomid probably won’t do anything either which means I won’t be pregnant for at least two months, maybe three.  Do you guys think I should move on to injectables?  Sticking needles in me does scare me a bit.

On top of that the in laws are still here – will probably be here for another week and now our big tv in the living room where everyone normally watches screen broke.  Gah.



  1. Jen

    I asked that same question about moving on to injectibles, and I received the advice from others who wished they would have moved on sooner, to just go for it. A lot of people I talked to feel like they wasted their time on Clomid, myself included. And I did 6 cycles on it…all the way up the dose chain. It wasn’t through an RE though, and that was my own dumb fault.

    Injectibles are really expensive though (unless you have some great coverage, of course). 1 cycle is $2-3K, at least at my clinic. My RE said there is maybe a 30% chance it would work. I told her that didn’t sound very cost effective to me. She agreed; she said she would probably suggest putting that $ toward IVF moving foward. I feel like I wasted so much time already!

    BYW. the needles are SO small…not a big deal at all. You can do it!

  2. MK

    Ugh, the Metformin was horrible for me too. It made my blood sugar levels so horribly off. I’ve heard a lot of women complain about that and yet it seems like every time they ask their doctor what’s wrong, the doc can never give them an answer!

    • Low Fat Lady

      Really? I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Metformin. I kept hearing it thrown around and I remember having to eat just to feel better on it.

  3. I am sorry the didn’t grow! Maybe todays scan will look better. I think you should go with your gut…if you don’t want to do another Clomid cycle and feel that it won’t work, then move on! Sending hugs!

  4. Hey LFL…just getting back to you after my weekend carbfest. I was too weighted down to get back to the computer before now. LOL. 🙂

    The PCOS group is still there but everyone has only checked in once…it’s a bit random and everyone is on different plans (or maybe I’M just on a different plan, hehehe) but it is still nice to have a common place of support. The admin is getting ideas for better ways to keep in touch…email, texts, FB, calls, etc…what are your thoughts on that??

  5. I have to agree with Jen. I did 4 rounds of Clomid (2 pre-D&C and 2 post-D&C). By the 3rd one I felt frustrated and like I was wasting time. The injectables have a higher chance of success, especially since it seems like you may be resistant to Clomid. If you feel you want to go that route, push the doctor a little bit. I had to push mine, but I was glad with my decision. In the end, you need to be happy and feel your care is going the way you want.

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