Side note

If you haven’t read my entry before this on how my monitoring visit went that’s one entry back.

So I got a call this afternoon from my RE’s office.  They wanted to see me on saturday instead of tuesday.  I was like wha? I thought they were giving my follicles a long time to grow.  The receptionist lady didn’t know much so she said she would talk to my practitioner and call me back.  This was annoying because I was planning on going to see my parents this weekend since it’s a long holiday weekend.  We were going to leave on friday.  I waited almost two hours and still didn’t hear anything so I called back.  I got to talk to a different practitioner and she had my file.  She said that my estrogen levels were higher than they were expecting (I can’t remember the exact number but I think it was 167), which means that something is happening even if it’s not on the screen yet.  She said it may be nothing, but that she would rather check it early than miss it and I agree with her.  I asked her to compare it to my last cycle and she said my estrogen levels are higher than they were last cycle.  That’s a good sign right?

So I scheduled my appointment for early saturday morning and then we will go to my parents after that.  It stinks that my husband scheduled a cookout with his family at our place on Monday before I could get a chance to talk to him about staying longer with my parents.  It was supposed to be at his parents place on Monday, but since they are staying at our place he decided that we should have it here.  So now I will drive down on saturday morning and have to come back sunday afternoon sometime. Gah on the timing of everything.



  1. Jen

    Interesting! I am going back on Saturday as well. I am curious what they say about your follies. Good luck!

  2. Oh that is annoying. Hopefully you’ll get better news on Saturday!

  3. Em

    How frustrating. Things always work that way, huh? So sorry, hang in there!

  4. A

    I sure hope that your appt on Saturday is a good one! Will they already be doing the IUI? It is so frustrating when the timing doesn’t work out, for whatever plans that have been made. We’ve all been there!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I am not going to do an IUI. It sounded like they were just going to check things and then check me again on tuesday.

  5. Sorry about the crappy timing, but I am so happy for your good news! This cycle is not lost. I will keep my fingers crossed for great things on Saturday.

  6. Sorry about the timing, but I’m really excited for you that something seems to be happening! We never know what our crazy ovaries are going to be up to next, eh?
    Good luck!

    • Low Fat Lady

      Thanks for the comments guys 😀 I had my appointment today and nothing to report. Still lots of small follies, but nothing of substance. I go back again on tuesday, but don’t expect much as a result.

  7. I’m sorry you had to go in today and then have nothing positive to report…it would have been worth it if you had gotten some good news. Oh well, better to know that not to I guess! I hope your appointment on Tuesday has a better outcome with some great news! Have a fun weekend…what is left of it at least!

  8. I hope Sunday you hear good news that your cycle is right on track!

    I’m in a similar boat. My cycle isn’t going the way it should, so I have to keep going back, and my next appointment is Sunday morning. And, we were supposed to spent a long weekend with my folks! So we’ll be heading out to see my folks as soon as we get done with our appointment.

    You came through your Clomid round with flying colors! Yay, no side effects!

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