Clomid 100mg – Day 5

Tonight will be the last night that I take my clomid this cycle.  I am ready to be done taking it.  Over all, I think I’ve been doing ok on them.  Last night I felt kinda bleh – stomach cramps, little anxious, tired, cranky, reflux – but a lot of those symptoms could be caused by other things in my life so I’m not really thinking it was the clomid.

Tomorrow is my first monitoring visit since starting the clomid.  I am anxious about it.  Last time I had my first monitoring appointment I had the weekend in between stopping the clomid and my visit.  I hope they see lots of follicles.

The in-laws are still here.  The visit is going well and they haven’t noticed anything about ttcing or they haven’t said anything.  They haven’t started working on their house yet or gotten an estimate yet so who knows how long it will take.

Nothing else interesting around here. I’ve been doing the same old same old.



  1. I hope the side effects stay away. The only noticeable side effect I had was ridiculous road rage. I was about to run someone off the road and had to talk myself down!

  2. ifcrossroads

    Oy! I had the road rage as well … and the weepies – I could cry at the drop of a hat!

    Good luck on your follie check tomorrow – hopefully you’re growing some beauts!

  3. A

    I am so glad it’s not affecting you too badly!!! (Well, I hope the s/e is a BFP at the end of this cycle!) Good luck with the extended company!

  4. Jen

    good luck on the follie check tomorrow!

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