Day 2 – 100mg

I’m enjoying this cycle of Clomid.  I took it last night and didn’t feel anything at all.  Yea for no side effects.  I hope I don’t jinx it.  I hope it’s doing good things in me and creating lots of mature follicles.

My in-laws are having some issues with a pipe at their house.  I’m not technical so this won’ t be a good explanation, but it has something to do with it being broken and they aren’t sure where the sewage from that pipe is going.  A guy with a camera will be coming to check it out today, but if something happens (I’m not really sure what that includes) they may be staying at our place for a few days.  I’m ok with that, they are nice people, but that got me to thinking.  If they stay over they will see all the TTC materials and notes.  Yes, I can put away some stuff, but I write on my calendar every time I need to schedule blood work or ultrasound so I don’t forget.  I’m ok with her knowing, I’m just not sure how they will react.  We haven’t told any family members really besides my parents.  So we will see if they notice.  The husband has always said that he didn’t want to tell them, but if they notice stuff I’m allowed to tell them he says.



  1. Jen

    We haven’t told my in-laws either. I know they are wondering, as we’ve been married 2+ years now and obviously aren’t getting any younger! My MIL made some comment about babies once and looked at me pointedly. I told D that perhaps he should tell them so they don’t think I am “keeping” him from having all these kids! There’s always something new to think about when it doesn’t happen the natural way! Most people don’t have to deal with these issues!

  2. I am glad your 2nd dose of Clomid went well. No side effects — that is great! I didn’t have anything too bad, but sometimes it made me have headaches and feel nauseous. My ovaries always felt super heavy/painful, too.

    We decided to tell both sets of parents about our infertility issues. I think it was good for us because people stopped asking when we would have kids (which is a painful question, as I’m sure you know!). I hope that either they don’t notice or if they do they are understanding when you talk about it with them!

  3. I let my DH tell my inlaws as long as I don’t have to talk about it with them. They have been really good at not bringing it up. I am not even sure how much they know since DH handles it all. I am much more open with my family and we talk about it often, but I am very comfortable with them. I hope Clomid keeps behaving!

  4. A

    Maybe you could relocate the calendar while they are there? I hope you continue to have no side effects- although I have to say mine were always days 3-5 if I had any!! fingers crossed!!

    As for telling family, both our sets of parents know, and they are remarkably interested by not invasive. They don’t ask, but I have had good honest talks with my mom and my MIL lately, and they are simply supportive of us. I’m praying we can make everyone grandparents soon!!

  5. Good luck…I’m praying this is your cycle! I have a love/hate relationship with clomid! 🙂 Maybe you could move the calendar to your bedroom closet until they leave? Everyone we know, knows we are TTC and it has been great to have support but it also sucks when they expect a BFP every month…sometimes I wish I had kept my mouth shut, lol!

    thanks for the comment about the baby bedding…I was so unsure about it but so glad I posted because you girls rock!

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