I had my baseline ultrasound today.  I have been through the whole ultrasound and blood work process a lot from the last cycle, yet I was nervous.  I guess the two weeks off was enough of a break to make it not routine anymore.  Though, I don’t think having these appointments is really routine.

I took a Tylenol before I left just in case it hurt any during my ultrasound since it was still during my period.  It didn’t hurt as much as last time I had my period so yea for that.  When I went to get my blood drawn the lady had someone who works there sitting in her chair trying to figure something out.  I waited for a bit, but then one of the helpers (I’m not sure what her title is, she helps the practitioners doing the ultrasounds) noticed and touched her on the shoulder letting her know that I was waiting.  They broke up after that, but I felt kinda weird.  Yes, I was waiting but I felt like I had broke up something they were trying to figure out and that she was a little annoyed she had to stop. Yes, I’m a worry wart and it was probably nothing, but yea that’s my brain going off into crazy land.  In the ultrasound she couldn’t find my left ovary, but that my right looks fine.  She doesn’t think I have any cysts, but they will check my blood.  If I don’t hear anything than I start my Clomid on Saturday and then go back for my first monitoring visit on Thursday.

I went to the pharmacy for the first time to pick up my Clomid. Last time I had it mail ordered.  The pharmacist who I picked it up from was nice.  She said that her friend was having trouble getting pregnant for years, that  she went on Clomid, and then two weeks later she was pregnant.  I smiled at her, but wanted to tell her well I have already tried this for one full cycle and I’m not pregnant yet so we will see.  I didn’t though.  She was all this is exciting I’m pulling for you.  That was sweet. So that’s that.

Hopefully things will go well and I won’t have any side effects from the Clomid. I’m going to eat carefully and not cheat.  I found with my IBS on the days that I ate carefully and ate safe foods I didn’t have any side effects compared to the days when I ate a little bad and did have effects.  I’m also going to take it with a little food.  So *fingers crossed*



  1. Wishing you lots of luck this cycle! I agree, nothing about (in)fertility testing and monitoring is routine. I would have been nervous too.

  2. Im glad the ultrasound didn’t hurt as bad as last time. Keeping my fingers crossed for success this cycle.

  3. *crosses all fingers and toes*

    good luck!!

    • Low Fat Lady


  4. A

    Great news about the clear u/s!! I sure hope clomid works this time for both of us!!

    • Low Fat Lady

      thanks, good luck to you too 😀

  5. Jen

    I had my baseline ultrasound today too! (also during my period!). I am starting Follistim for the first time tonight. I asked about the side effects and she said “well, this med sucks”. GREEEAAAT!

    I did 6 months on Clomid, and the side effects were not as bad as other people made it seem. You will do fine! Good luck!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I can’t believe she said this med sucks. Wow. I hope it works for you and we both have a great cycle.

  6. EC

    Good luck! It seems weird to me that the pharmacist would be that personal. I mean, I suppose she meant well, but I like to sort of feel anonymous when I have to pick something up. I know it’s really not anonymous at all, but I wouldn’t want a lot of chit-chat, either.

    • Low Fat Lady

      Yea, I understand what you meant. I always feel weird going to get some drug knowing that they know exactly what the drugs are for.

  7. Yay for the “all clear” on the u/s!! Wishing you lots of luck this cycle! Will be thinking about you — and following along via your blog! All the best. 🙂

    • Low Fat Lady

      Thanks 😀

  8. Lin

    Glad you’re good to go for this cycle! Will be following along, too. Hopefully that first clomid cycle was just for practice…this is the real deal! 😉

  9. Good luck this cycle! I hope it proves to be a smooth ride that ends in a BFP 🙂


  10. Good job on the great b/w and u/s appointment! I hope the Clomid goes really smoothly for you, too, and you don’t have any side-effects.

    I have a question about your diet – I’d like to try and lose some weight when I’m in the endless cycle of two week waits. I lost quite a bit before on a diet that uses soy-based products. What did you find out about soy possibly decreasing fertility? I hope that’s not the case!

  11. Jessica

    I’m glad the ultrasound went well and was painless. I hope Clomid works for you. I hardly had any side effects except for a hot flash here and there but nothing too bad. Good Luck!!

  12. Best Wishes! It sounds like things are progressing smoothly. I hope you don’t have any side effects from your next round of Clomid!

  13. I hope things go well with the clomid and that this is the last cycle that you need it!

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