CD 1

So the period came today.  I’m definitely feeling the crazy weepy emotions that come with it.  I woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my stomach and a bit of an ache.  I took two Tylenol before I left for volunteering and it came during volunteering.  I have a call into my patient coordinator to schedule my three day blood work and ultrasound, but of course she isn’t calling back.  I’m tempted to call the main line, but I know they can’t schedule ultrasounds.  I am being impatient.  At least I know if they check messages tomorrow I still have time to schedule it since three days won’t be until Thursday.  So yea for getting to try again.  Boo on having to have an ultrasound during my period, it is a little more uncomfortable, but I’ll suck it up.  Counting it out means I’ll start Clomid on  Saturday.  I hope 100mg does the trick.


Yea she called back.  I have an appointment on Thursday at 11am.  As she was putting my information in her computer I heard her say IUI.  I said no, I am not doing an IUI we are going to do it naturally.  I have never gotten to try naturally before.  I’ve actually never gotten to try at all before.  My period has always been missing or the cycle didn’t work.  I want a chance to actually try to get pregnant darn it.



  1. Jen

    Good luck on Thursday!

  2. Good Luck on clomid…I would definetely try with clomid before you even attempt an IUI! My body never did what it was suppose to and Clomid has given me that chance. I ovulate and have my period like a “real girl” should. The only thing I hate about it is it makes my boobs sore as if I’m actually pregnant (it happens the second week of my two week wait). It always tricks me and makes me think I’m pregnant…other than that no symptoms.

  3. Oh man! Those vag cams during AF are the absolute worst! Sorry you have to go through that. I really hope this cycle will be IT for you. Good luck.


  4. Dot

    Good Luck and thinking of you.


  5. Good luck with this cycle. It must be so exciting to have this happening.


  6. ugh i hate ultrasounds during AF. i am glad your period came though! i think it’s great that you want to try naturally first. my fingers are crossed for you!

  7. Lin

    Good luck on Thursday! I hope the natural cycle does the trick! 🙂


  8. Im only about a week ahead of you…I started Clomid last Friday. I hope it is good to you like it has been to me. Now I just have to see if it makes me ovulate. GOOD LUCK!!

  9. Good luck on Thursday and lots of great wishes and good luck for an awesome cycle!

  10. A

    I sure hope Clomid does the trick for you! We’re on our third cycle, with fingers crossed and prayers raised that we’re part of the 45% who have success after 3 cycles!!!

  11. Oh my gosh I have SO had it with waiting for return phone calls. I’m glad you heard back. I’m excited for you – hoping this is a new start! Happy ICLW.

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