Nothing too exciting going on here at the moment.  No period here, but I’m estimating that she will show up around on Wednesday.  I hope I’m right.

I went on a long outing this weekend with my husband, his brother, and a bunch of his friends.  I got a bit of sunshine and some parts of me are a bit pink.  The big activity of the day was shooting.  I don’t like to shoot, but my husband and his brother do.  I did a little research and found out that when you are pregnant it isn’t a good idea to be near people shooting guns because of the lead and aromas the guns give off when they are shot and the loud noises. I can put in hearing protection, but a baby can’t.  I tried to find a particular month when your supposed to stop being around guns, but I will probably just avoid it all together.

I’ve been having some issues with what to eat.  I already have a lot of things I can’t eat because of my IBS.  Nothing spicy, that has cheese, heavy sauce, high fiber, high fat, or rich.  Before starting to ttc I had been eating a lot of soy foods like Morning star farms products.  They are great.  I recently learned that your not supposed to eat soy when trying to get pregnant so that is mostly out of the window except for when I’m on a break between cycles.  Then I know once I do get pregnant there are even less things you can eat like only small amounts of fish and only cooked lunch meat.  I’m already on a restrictive diet now, I’m really nervous about being even more limited when I’m pregnant.  Currently, I’m searching for something new and yummy for lunch.  I’m sick of sandwiches and looking for something semi healthy, easy to make, and yummy.  What do you guys have for lunch?  Today I had a can of chicken with some grapes mixed in.  Not that exciting.  Maybe it just needs some seasoning.



  1. Instead of soy stuff, you can do a lot with wheat seitan, or there are wheat/corn meat substitutes as well. If you can do wheat/corn. Vegetarian for more than half my life, so if you need any help, let me know.

    • Low Fat Lady

      Ah good thought. I haven’t noticed those types of products around as much as soy prodcuts. What are some good brands?

  2. gdesider

    Hope AF shows soon!

    I’m on metformin, and that too limits your eating options…it sucks.

  3. A

    I like soup (progresso, campbell’s select or chunky, etc)- you can find some really tasty low-fat ones! most of the time, I have leftovers 😉

  4. My lunch is kind of boring … turkey and cheese sandwich, granola bar, and a nutrition drink (like Ensure or something). There was a recent study that found women who eat full-fat dairy foods twice a day have less ovulatory issues … I started trying to eat a serving of ice cream every night. I guess it can’t hurt?

    Hope you find a yummy lunch!

    • Low Fat Lady

      Always good to have some ice cream. I wish I could eat more of it. Ah, dairy.

  5. I eat raisin bran muffins for lunch. I bake them in big batches and then freeze. Pretty healthy and good and easy.


  6. Today I had eggplant hummus, pita, a big banana and a yogurt for lunch. As it turns to fall I love soups for lunch, especially lentil or split pea. I also like making wraps when I remember/get around to it with turkey, tortilla, spinach and dressing or cheese or whatever.
    I hope you enjoyed the sunshine!

  7. I totally feel ya on the limited diet!! My doctor said the gallbladder issue could also be my no-dairy issue. (of course along with spicy/greasy) … I drink soy milk all the time b/c that’s the only milk I can have. I didn’t know it was bad when ttc!! How come??? .. Crap. Guess I’ll drink water & eat fruit/veggies. *sigh* … Think of it this way– our limited diet is sort of a mixed blessing. I know for me, if I could eat ice cream and french fries– I’d be having them all the time!! 🙂 Good luck with making your lunches more interesting.

    • Low Fat Lady

      I found this article that talks about it some –

      They thought I had a galbladder issue before. I have one stone, but one stone can’t cause all the issues I was having.

  8. I used to drink a soy latte almost every day until I read that soy can have a detrimental effect on fertility. Oh, I miss them, but I don’t want to take any chances!

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