3 Prometrium Left

After tonight, I only have three prometrium pills left.  Add about five or so days until I normally get my period you get 8 days.  Little more than a week I get to start the process over again.  I really haven’t had much emotional craziness at all on the Prometrium so yea for that.  I really hope that 100 mg of Clomid will do it for us.

A friend of ours is getting married in November this year.  Hubby will be one of the groomsmen.  I mentioned to him last night, wouldn’t it be cool if I was pregnant by the time of the wedding?  Yes, the mind was hatching all sorts of ideas.

My mother mentioned that she was helping my grandmother and my aunt arrange plane tickets to go visit my cousin and his wife.  They just had their first child.  The first grandchild of that side of the family.  Yea.



  1. Jen

    I’m glad I am not the only one who plays the ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if I were pregnant by _____” and then start thinking about how the timing would be great to tell family, etc. Or “surely I will be pregnant by THEN”.

    Oh well, I guess we don’t have much if we don’t have hope!

    • Low Fat Lady

      You are definitely not the only one. I do it all the time.

  2. Lin

    Nope…I’m in this camp, too! Especially, the “SURELY we’ll be pregnant by THEN” camp! LOL!

    Glad the Prometrium hasn’t been too tough on you this cycle. Hope it stays that way!!

  3. A

    I hatch all kinds of plans depending on how far along I might be at Christmas or Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day or when the 12-week mark will be….!!! My newest delightful realization is that if we get pregnant this cycle, a birth in May will mean I get the whole summer off! YAH! B-)

    • Low Fat Lady

      Yea for a whole summer off. I do this too depending on whatever time of the year and what is going on.

  4. i totally daydream about how cool it would be to be “pregnant by such-and-such time” too! i hope it comes true for you! hopefully 100mg of clomid will do the trick!

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