So I’m back from my appointment at the RE.  Well from the hospital anyways – I had a volunteer class for volunteering at the hospital.  The title of this entry is how I feel.

Why do I feel frustrated/sad?  Today at my ultrasound I actually got one of the head RE’s doing my ultrasound.  That was weird, but fine.  He was actually really gentle which was nice.  When he came in he said that he was going to check my follicles, that they were really really small, and that if they had not grown any he was going to cancel the cycle.  I was like wha?? Why hasn’t anyone been telling me this? I knew that I had four follicles, but no one said they were super small or that they weren’t growing.  I guess I should have been asking better questions, but this is the first time I have ever been on Clomid or tried this they should have told me more details.  I should have known that if things hadn’t grown I would have to cancel this cycle.  I mean I knew it was late in the cycle – somewhere around day 20, but sheesh.

So he did my ultrasound and said they hadn’t grown, that they were about 1 mm I think.  That is really small.  So now they are going to call in a prescription for provera and I am on that for ten days. So I basically have to wait until my period comes which will probably be about two weeks before we can do anything again.  How frustrating.  I know I had a big chance that it wouldn’t work this first clomid cycle, but I feel like it ended so abruptly.  I’m ok about it and I will get past this and move on, but I’m going to be sad for a bit.  Maybe I’ll go eat some chocolate and some soy since I haven’t been able to eat it for a while.

Random side note – I went online to my RE’s website to check their hours and I found out that my RE is on twitter.  Wacky.  I logged in to see what he’s posting about and it’s not bad.  I may follow him.



  1. Lin

    So sorry that the appointment didn’t go well. I wouldn’t blame yourself for not asking the right questions as much as I’d blame “them” for not keeping you appropriately informed of the situation! Frustrated is a perfectly understandable response! (((HUGS)))

    BTW…I’m a new reader (and blogger) just out-n-about checking out the ALI “In the beginning” blogs! Glad I found yours! 🙂

  2. oh no!! i am so sorry to hear that. i haven’t had a cycle cancelled, but i have had to skip months because of leftover cysts (like right now) and it is so frustrating to have to wait and wait.

    i am sure that once your RE figures out what regimen works you will respond beautifully. enjoy your chocolate and soy =)

  3. Jessica

    I’m sorry they cancelled this cycle….I know how frustrating that can be. I feel like I am always WAITING!!!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I hate waiting too!

  4. I’m so sorry your appt didn’t go well, I was really pulling for your follies to grow. Don’t beat yourself up too much, it’s not your fault. I’ve had to take Provera 4 times, while I was on Clomid, it was on the cycles I didn’t ovulate, that lasted 45days+. I usually had AF only 5 days after the first pill, hopefully she’ll come pretty quickly for you. I took Clomid for 9 months (50mg and 100mg), so if you have any questions about it let me know. I can’t give you my success story on Clomid, but I can tell you about the side effects. KMFC that AF will come quick and leave quietly and you can get started again!

  5. KMFC means Keeping My Fingers Crossed 🙂

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