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I have recently found out that two more people I know are pregnant.  One of them isn’t even married yet.  They decided to start to ttc a couple of months before their wedding.  That’s like the second or third person who I have heard who has done that.  I really don’t understand that.  My cousin’s wife also just gave birth this week.  Pregnant people and new babies everywhere.  I think I will do better with new baby pictures instead of pregnant belly pictures.  Still have a tang of jealousy though and keep reading all the messages online.

I’ve noticed a lot of ECWM (at least I think that’s what it is) which is pretty exciting.  At first I didn’t know what it was and why it was happening.  I guess that means that I haven’t been ovulating for a long time if this is a new thing for me.  It’s pretty exciting that this may be the first cycle that we actually truely get to try to get pregnant.  We have been “trying” for five months, but it never really was trying because I didn’t have a period and wasn’t ovulating so it would never actually happen.  Yes, that isn’t a full year that your supposed to wait to seek help for infertility, but I was already seeing the RE for my PCOS and he said that I would most likely need Clomid.  So hopefully my follicles will be big enough and ready to go at my scan on Wednesday.  I don’t really want quads though so hopefully we will be able to figure that out.  What are the odds that if I do get pregnant all of the will be fertilized?  They never tell me the size of my follicles so I don’t know if all are good sized or not.  I should ask this at my next appointment.



  1. the big ovary WAS really scary to see on the US. so far i am doing ok, thankfully. it is just frustrating to have to wait to TTC for a whole cycle. i saw you have 4 follicles! that is really exciting. i know quads seems scary, but don’t forget that the odds of that happening are very slim. i hope this cycle continues to go smoothly and you get your BFP!!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I’m sorry you have to wait a whole cycle. That is one of my fears. I hope it goes quickly for you and that it shrinks for you. I don’t really know any of the odds of getting quads versus not with four follicles. How do you figure that out?

  2. Well– looks like we are both going for a check up on Wednesday! Praying for good news!! 🙂

  3. That’s exactly what happened to me! I thought I was ovulating, but I never really was. The last cycle I had (under the RE’s care) I finally saw real EWCM and had a huge “oooooh, that’s what it looks like” moment. I’d only thought I was seeing it before but was no where close.

  4. EC

    You should ask them about the size if you’re interested! When I went to an RE in the past, I found that mine gave out very little information. I never knew what types of bloodwork they were doing or how it turned out – only what my next step was. I would assume it’s because they didn’t want people freaking out and second-guessing everything, but I still think they should provide more information to those that are interested.

    Good luck at your appointment!

  5. good luck w/ your scan. I have never had one. Though I’ m going to call my doctor’s office and see if they do them. (I’m still w/ a GP, so I don’t know if they do…

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