Team Follicles

I just got back from my RE appointment.  It’s weird being there on a saturday.  I was the first appointment so they were waiting for me.  I walked right in and got started, which was nice.  My husband came with me today.  He’s normally at work.  Just as we were leaving the house I said I was a little nervous that my little follicle wouldn’t be there anymore.  He said, “Come on follicles!” I asked him if he was cheering for my follicles so he started a cheer.  He said, “Go follicles, go go follicles!” That made me laugh and was very sweet.

When I had my ultrasound I got the lady who had first found my four follicles so I was happier.  I am starting to get to know each practitioners style with doing the scans.  She started and didn’t see the tiny follicle.  I got nervous.  Then after looking around a bit she said I had four on my left ovary!! I was like they were hiding!!! I actually could see them, they looked like big holes, I don’t remember seeing them at all before.  I guess my bowels were really in the way last time.   She said they were still kinda small and was going to give me some more time to mature them.  She said because of my PCOS my ovaries are kinda like hibernating bears that take a while to wake up and get going.  I told her about the husband being out of town from Monday to Thursday night and she said she would try to stall it as much as possible, but it will probably fall right as he gets back since my ovaries are hibernating bears.

So yea! They are still there.  Good little follicles.  I find it surprising that the other lady couldn’t find it, but I learned today that the ovaries don’t stay in one place.  They are sorta tethered and can float around a bit.  My last scan was also after lunch so maybe my bowel was in the way because I had just eaten lunch.  Husband says that we should do a cheer for my ovaries and follicles each time I have an appointment for luck *grins*.

Now I’m waiting for a phone call from them with the results of my blood work and to schedule my next appointment.  They never tell me what my blood numbers are, they just schedule the appointment for the right day.  I know that it tells them my hormone numbers, but what exactly does it tell them?  That it’s not ovulation time yet?  That they aren’t mature yet?  I guess I should read up on that.  *edit* My next monitoring appointment will be Wednesday.  Perfect since husband comes home the next day 😀  I actually have a chance at this!



  1. YEY for growing follicles. See I told you they were just hiding 🙂 Great news!!

  2. MK

    Woohoo follicles!!
    And your husband sounds sweet. 🙂

  3. S

    Thanks for your comment on my Sunday post.

    Glad things are progressing well for you this cycle! Hope this gets you your BFP!

  4. EC

    Sounds like things are moving along well! It sounds like you have a good attitude too! 🙂

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