Human Pin Cushion

Today started out so well.

I went in for a meeting to volunteer and got a cool sounding placement.  I hope I like it and learn a lot.  After they told me my placement I had to go get a TB test.  I went down to get it and they stuck it in my left arm.  She really squeezed the needle in my arm.  She said she had to for the test.  I don’t remember having that done before for a TB test, but my arm is a bit sore now.

I also had an RE appointment today in the same place.  After I wasted time for like an hour and a half I went up to my appointment.  Had the lady do my blood work in my other arm.  First stick hurt and then turns out she didn’t get anything.  How can you not get anything when you stick me?  She said she didn’t get a vein.  So she had to stick me again.  I’m getting sick of these blood tests.  It’s not fair that people who get pregnant right away don’t have to do all this crap before they get pregnant.  I had my ultrasound and the lady didn’t use enough jell so it was a little uncomfortable.  She said she was having trouble seeing my left ovary, but she only found one tiny follicle.  I had four the last visit.  I guess most of them went away 😦 I know I should be happy that I have one left even though it’s tiny.  However, it makes me think that by my next appointment that the tiny one will be gone too.  They called me after they got my blood work and said it was ok and that they want me to go in on Saturday for another ultrasound and more blood work.  Hopefully my baby follicle will have grown and I’ll be able to try this cycle.  *fingers crossed on that*  I some how don’t feel that hopeful about it.  I guess I’m just trying not to get my hopes up.

Then on the way home I was merging off the highway.  This one car in the next lane was not letting me merge onto the road.  I was getting mad.  He finally slowed down some and let me merge when the car behind him wasn’t paying attention and hit the car that finally let me merge in.  I felt guilty about it even though it was not my fault.  I didn’t hit the car and I didn’t make him hit the other car, but still.  I always feel guilty about stuff.  I guess it’s just my nature.  I hope nothing else bad happens today.



  1. I know exactly how you feel about feeling like a pincushion. I have a permanent needle mark on my right arm, where I get blood drawn constantly. It’s never gone away, guess it’s a reminder of all the s**t we have to go thru to get PG. I’m sorry about having to get stuck so many times though, and also that some of your follies have gone away. Hopefully the one that was there, (maybe some are hiding) will grow really well. Best of luck for your b/w results and for your next u/s. As far as the wreck, I had something similar happen. Don’t feel too bad, it wasn’t your fault, it was the car’s fault who was following too closely.

  2. yuck. getting blood taken is the WORST. i got stabbed twice in each arm, once in each hand and then an order to go get drawn @ the hospital, since they couldn’t get anything. lousy tiny veins.

    good luck w/ your follicle. i’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Thank you for coming over to my world from LFCA and for the helpful words. It means a lot.

    Hope that lonely follicle starts growing for you. All it takes is one!! Have a great weekend and good luck at tomorrow’s wanding.

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