I have to admit I have a website obsession.  I have always been interested in pop culture and what all the celebrities are doing.  I can usually tell you what the latest celebrity news is before shows like E News and such report it.  Then I came across a celebrity baby site that peaked my interest.  All of their posts are about celebrities that are pregnant or already have kids.  I know I’m probably feeding into the whole paparazzi thing and I know that’s bad, but I can’t help myself.  I normally get a bit sad when I hear about real people I know getting pregnant, however, with this site it doesn’t seem to be as bad.  Sometimes a particular celebrity pregnancy will get to me though.

Ok now that I’ve established myself as a dork lets move on LOL…

My cousin’s wife is due to give birth soon.  I will be glad when she has her baby.  I think I will have less of a problem when she has her baby than I have had during her pregnancy.

Tomorrow is my second monitoring appointment.  I’m excited to see if I still have any follicles.  I hope they haven’t all disappeared.  I have never gotten this close to really having a chance to get pregnant in my whole ttc saga yet.  I am a newbie compared to a lot of people I have read.  That makes me nervous that I may be in for a long road and am just setting myself up for it not to work.  However, if it doesn’t work this cycle it’s ok.  It’s just my first month of Clomid and we will just try again next month.  Yes, I will be utterly disappointed, but after a bit I will pick myself up and try again.



  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. i visit those celebrity websites too. Doesn’t it seem like there is an abnormal amount of pregnant celebrities right now????

    • Low Fat Lady

      It seems like there are a million pregnant celebrities. Glad I’m not the only one who enjoys those sites though 🙂

  2. I totally click on the links too, especially when on Yahoo. I guess it’s just fascination, espcially since so many celebs, as of recently, have been having twins. Seems like an outbreak or something… 🙂 Can any of us catch it?

  3. MK

    Good luck with the second u/s! Clomid did wonders for me the first time I took it (I got pregnant, but miscarried). I’m actually going back on it next cycle.

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