So I’m back from my first monitoring visit after taking 50mg of Clomid.  I was pretty nervous.  I wondered if I would have to wait a cycle before anything happened or if I would even have one follicle.  I went back for my blood work first.  I need to give her my other arm next time, the needle going in hurt a little more.  Then I went and sat down to be called for my ultrasound.

When I had my ultrasound I was trying to look at the screen to see if I could tell if I had any follicles, but I couldn’t.  The scan itself went well, and it turns out I have FOUR follicles! Woo hoo.  She said to not get caught up in the numbers yet though, it’s way too early.  She also said my lining is thin, but that’s ok because it’s not that far in yet.  She said that they will be calling me later this afternoon to set up another monitoring appointment – probably Wednesday to see how I’m doing.  She said at that appointment they will see how many I still have and if they have gotten big and healthy.  So *fingers crossed*

I’m excited.  I think it’s very cool that I did well on just 50 mg of Clomid.  I know it’s way too early to say anything and they could all disappear, but the fact that I responded my very first time and that my body is behaving itself at the moment is a good thing.



  1. Woo Hoo! Good Luck with those follies!

    • Low Fat Lady

      Thanks! My fingers are crossed.

  2. S

    Glad your body is cooperating! Hope things continue to progress and that this gets the job done. 😉

  3. Jen

    thanks for reading my site. I hope you have luck on Clomid. I am glad they are monitoring you. I did most of my Clomid with my regular OB/GYN, and they don’t do monitoring like an RE. So they just kept increasing my dose w/out knowing it was just making my lining thinner and thinner! Did your RE have any suggestins for making yours thicker?

    good luck!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I only met with one of the nurses today. I only get to meet with the RE when it’s decision making time. She didn’t give any suggestions about my lining, she just said that it was still early. However, I was given progesterone which I think is for keeping the lining thicker.

  4. EC

    That’s great! When do you have to start taking progesterone?

    Good luck for Wednesday!!!

    • Low Fat Lady

      I take the ovidrel or however you spell it when they say it’s time to ovulate. Then I take the progesterone a few days after that.

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