Last day

Tonight I take my last dose of 50mg Clomid.  It was a pretty quick five days.  Now I keep thinking about Monday, which is my first monitoring appointment.  Will they find anything at all?  Will I have lots of follies?  Guess I will find out.  If I don’t have any follicles does that mean this dosage didn’t work and they will just wait to get my period and try again next month? That’s what I’m thinking.  I hope they find at least one follicle.  I’ve been analyzing how I have been feeling to see if I can figure out if things are working or not.  I’ve had a little bit of slight cramping, but that could be totally unrelated.

What else.  I’m thinking of expanding this blog a little.  I’m thinking of writing a bit more about me and not just about my infertility crazies, because I am more than that.  I’d like my cool potential readers to get to know me.  So what to write?  Hmm.. I’m 30, married, I have one orange tabby cat, and I am currently a housewife.  I became a housewife in May after my contract was up and they didn’t have enough money to hire me on fully.  I’d like to get another job, but I don’t want just anything, it’s hard to get a job in my area where I live, and I know that I have a lot of appointments with my RE in the coming future and hopefully pregnancy so I’m hesitant to get into anything.  I am going to try to start volunteering soon – have an appointment for that next week.  I am also looking for part time work, which should give me plenty of time for appointments.

What else should you know about me? Well since I’m a housewife I try to take care of things around the house so that when my hubby comes home dinner is ready and things around the house have been done like cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking etc.  Some days more gets done than others.  I enjoy cooking a lot and because of my low fat lifestyle I try to substitute ingredients to make dishes more healthy.



  1. I just found your blog and find your honesty and candidness refreshing. You have an award waiting on my blog.

    • Low Fat Lady

      Wow thanks! I’ve never received an award before!

  2. EC

    I hope your appointment goes/went well!!!

    I was on Clomid twice, but it was years ago, so I don’t totally remember how it all went. From what I remember, I would take it for 5 days, be monitored, and then usually take it for a few more days (with more monitoring). It’s kind of a blur, though.

    I hope you get some good news!

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