Day 1

I took my first clomid last night around 8:45pm.  I was going to take it on the hour at 9pm, but I started getting anxious so I just decided to take it.  I was also having some stomach issues so that probably didn’t help.  Within a couple of minutes of taking the clomid I got a headache and started feeling woozy/not quite right.  I lied still on the couch and watched Warehouse 13 hoping to feel better.  By the time the show was just about over I was feeling better.  I’m glad it didn’t seem to last very long.  Hopefully it will continue to be short as I continue through the week.  Today I’m feeling tired, but that’s because I couldn’t sleep last night.

I had been eating boca burgers for lunch.  I was using a yummy and easy Hungry Girl recipe.  However, when the nurse at my RE said to not eat any more soy products I decided to switch to turkey burgers.  I couldn’t find any pre-made, pre-cooked burgers so I just bought two packs of ground turkey to make my own burgers.  I made eight yesterday so that I all I have to do is go in the fridge and microwave one.  Very easy.

I found out today that a friend of mine from elementary school is four months pregnant.  I tend to have a lot of emotion when I find out someone new is pregnant.  It seems like everyone around me is pregnant.  I was a tiny bit upset at first because it’s another person.  However, after that I felt a little better because I rarely ever see her and she doesn’t post on facebook that much.  I told her congratulations and that I was happy for her.  I’m trying to get better with being jealous when more and more new people announce they are pregnant, but some days it’s hard.

I sort of figured out images on wordpress.  It was frustrating and took a while.  I basically just ended up posting the picture I wanted and then added the link at the bottom.  For the IComLeavWe one I uploaded the picture to my wordpress account, which seems to work 🙂



  1. good luck!

    • Low Fat Lady


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