Back from appointment

Well I just got back from my RE appointment.  I was surprised because it was one of the few times where I didn’t have to sit and wait forever to been seen.  I got there right at my appointment time and they sent me back to get my blood work.  That went quickly and then I went back to the front again to wait for my ultra sound.  I figured it would take a while, but it only took maybe five minutes.

The ultrasound itself went fine.  It hurt a little more than usual, I guess because I have my period.  Hopefully the next time I have another ultrasound it will be better.  I think she got everything she needed.  She was pressing down and taking pictures and then she was done.  I guess that means everything is ok. She said I can start Clomid tomorrow (wow!) and then I go back in for my first monitoring visit on August 3rd.  After that it will depend on what they see to determine when I go in for monitoring.

I also got my questions answered.  My blood work from last time was fine, I have to stop eating soy products (oh well) and the low sex drive is most likely from the pcos and they can’t really give me anything because I’m trying to get pregnant.  However, she said if I start ovulating normally that will help.  So I start tomorrow! Very exciting and real lol.  I also asked about ovulating late since I have pcos and she said that is most likely so maybe hubby going out of town for a few days won’t make it a wash out.


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  1. Jen

    Good luck with the clomid! I just took my last pill today. Only had one 15 minute meltdown during that 5 days so I guess that’s considered a success! 🙂 … Hope it works for us!!!

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