3rd day blood work

Today I have an appointment to finally get my third day blood work.  Well technically I suppose today could be called the fourth day blood work lol.  I have been waiting to get my period for a really long time.  I was put on provera to bring it on.  It finally showed up.

While I am there I am also going to be getting a baseline ultrasound to see how things look now that I did get a period and I have a few questions.  My questions are a) Does eating soy (boca burgers and the like) cause issues because they increase estrogen?  b) What were the results from my last blood work.  They never told me anything c) Are there any cures from low sex drive? I noticed that when I finally did get my period my drive went up, which makes me think that it has something to do with hormones.

Then in a few days, I’m not sure which day exactly, I will be starting my clomid.  I’m excited and nervous about this.  I am trying to not get my hopes up that it will happen the first cycle.  It probably won’t.  Especially since my husband will be out on business four days of the week my patient coordinator says I might ovulate if I ovulate normally. I thought about postponing this cycle, but I decided against it.  I am sick of waiting and if I did wait I would need to wait 40 days to see if I get my period on my own (which I probably wouldn’t) and then take provera again to get my period.  In addition, since I have PCOS I may ovulate later than normal so his being gone might not be a problem at all.

So this cycle will be a data collecting cycle.  We will see if I even ovulate on clomid at all, when it happens, and then plan for the next cycle.


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